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Indian politics and the curious case of feminism

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Last two days have seen two cases of serious women abuse, one physical while other verbal. In one case, a woman who was molested by another worker of her party stated “I was asked by CM (of our party) to sit with the molester and compromise. The culprit would say sorry” and after this statement she committed suicide. There is no reason to not believe the suicide was due to the molestation and harassment.

In second case, a politician of one party told of another party top women leader to be “worse that prostitute”. There are state-wide protests and the person could be arrested anytime soon.

While in the latter case, the accused is soon likely to get what he deserves; the former victim still awaits any justice she could get. While in the latter case there is 24 hr news coverage, state-wide protests involving thousands of protesters, for the former, there are no political debates on prime time news channel, there are no FB walls filled in support of her, there are no politicians queuing outside her house, there are no intellectuals and feminists doing a candle march in her support. In fact the typical left leaning feminists of India are yet to issue any statement about the fate of molested lady.

It is quite evident that a prominent women leader’s unfortunate verbal abuse will get a lot of media and political attention but the question is, is the harassment-leading-to-death worthy of no sincere attention? We are the same people who did a nation-wide protest for Nirbhaya which moved entire world but unfortunately the sensitivity has gone for a toss it seems. It is say day when our feminism is also politicized, we think about the political implications of statement before we make it. If this is so, should we call ourselves feminists and not politicians.

Interestingly not all politicians are as lucky as Mayawati, in-fact it would be more appropriate to say that no female politicians are as unlucky as rightist ones. Here are some of the comments made on Smriti Irani in last 2-3 years, it is on your conscience to decide how they fare against what was said to Mayawati. Any sincere citizen would believe that Dayashankar must be prosecuted for what he said,at the same time we need to ponder if not these people deserve the same treatment:

Rashid Alvi: We know you are very close to Narendra Modi
Sen Deka: Many people refer to her (Smriti) as Narendra Modi’s second wife
Sanjay Nirupam: You used to charge money to perform dance shows on TV. Now you are an election analysis/Tum TV par thukme lagati , hume pata hai tumhara charitra.
Tehseen Poonawala : ‘ Modis txt to Irani – ‘ Sorry Honey no HRD feeling’
ALi Anwaar: Smriti Irani has been shifted to textile ministry to help cover her body
Sharad yadav: I know who you are

As this post is being is written, BSP’s “leader”, Naseemuddin Siddiqui in full public view asks for Dayashankar’s 12 year old daughter to which the poor soul replies ” Nasim uncle, mujhe batayein kahan aana hai aapke paas pesh hone ke liye “, something that pains you even as you type it. There are abuses being hurled indefinitely at his wife, daughter and other family members for no fault of theirs. If abusing once to one lady deserves the kind of protest and uproar that we see now, what treatment should the constant abuse of so many females deserve which is going on continuously since last few days?

The cases at hand pose a serious question to the sincerity of media and public to the women issues and it is time to introspect, whether we are unbiased, apolitical and most importantly unhindered when we wish to take up a women-rights case.

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