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Master the art of propaganda by doing genuine work

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India never runs out of things to outrage about. Whether it is the rising price of vegetables or whether it is the cricket team’s loss. Invention of Twitter has just added a new platform for angry people to find new ways to outrage at how the system is not working and how corrupt and liars thrive. It would be fine if these outrages lead to something positive but trouble is they get one nowhere. Indians especially Bhaktas need to learn a little about Propaganda.

Most people think ISIS is the most evil terror group out there today. But the truth of matter is ISIS is just a baby in front of Boko Haram. When Paris was under attack for the first time there was this #JeSuisCharlie tag meaning ‘We Are All Charlie’ for some eleven people who were killed. Nothing against those who were killed but Boko Haram had burned two thousand innocent Nigerians on the same day as Islamists carried out Charlie Hebdo Massacre. Did we see #JeSuisNigerians tag. No. Why? Cause Nigerians don’t know how to sell their agenda. Europeans and Americans on the other hand have successfully portrayed ISIS as the biggest threat to Freedom and Democracy.

Europeans understood the perils of multi-culturalism some 8-10 years back. What did they do? Outrage all the time. Nope… They started a propaganda to suit their narrative. They understood the Islamic Way of Life was not compatible with their Way Of Life. They also understood that they could never match progeny rate of Islam. So they started setting the propaganda of how Islam was ruining life in the West. To be fair to them they are under attack from uncivilized barbarians and they must stand by their ideals. I don’t have a problem with them but I do feel HDL’s, Sanatan Dharmi’s and VHS should raise awareness levels about repeated torture, rape, Love Jihad, Population Jihad and murder of innocent Hindus in Pakistan, Bangladesh, West Bengal and Kerala instead of outraging all the time. Sure Tommy Robinson would empathize with you but he can’t come to save your ass when the going gets tough. That’s cause he has to save Great Britain and I believe he is doing a wonderful job at raising awareness there. Time for some Hindu to walk in his footsteps and spread awareness about plight of Hindus in Bangladesh, Pakistan, West Bengal and Kerala.

Propaganda sells. It is just that Bhaktas are not aware how to go about it. I would definitely recommend two twitter profiles: @noconversion and @temsutulaimsong which sell their respective agendas without any fuzz and both of them are successful in raising awareness levels. Do they get abuse? Yes most likely. Do they feel anguished and helplessness when they fail to see results? Probably. But they have successfully gone about selling their agendas. Today Temsutula is the Face Of Swachch Bharat Abhiyan and the day Ganga is neat and clean she should be receiving equal accolades as Mr. Modi. It is due to her efforts and agenda that people are inclined towards Cleanliness Drive. Same with @noconversion. She is brilliantly going about doing her job with little or no fuzz and one day hopefully Hindus would start listening to her and take all possible steps to stop this Missionary farce.

But perhaps more importantly Bhaktas need to learn from their idol and the PM Of India Shree Narendra Modi. The abuse levelled at him is unparalleled in the history of Indian Politics. But he never cried victim, he never tried outrage and he was always trying to sell his Agenda of a Better India.

Bhaktas need to stop outraging and stop getting bogged down by failures of system. It took 60 years of failed socialist and secularists policy to get India to where we are today. Today also the socialist narrative controls most of the debates and opinions. Time for Bhaktas to sell their respective propaganda. Either Bhaktas can keep outraging on Twitter and Facebook or start selling their agenda and raise awareness among people. Sooner or later people would see their genuine efforts and help with the cause.

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