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Why Abrahamic religions are obsessed with the idea of Apocalypse

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There is a movie out called X-Men Apocalypse that deals with End Of the World. Before that there was Armageddon, Judgement Day and more recently the character Doomsday in Batman vs Superman. All of them talk of Apocalypse or End Of The World. You would be surprised to know that the Hindi Movie Avatar released in 1983 starring Rajesh Khanna had a Muslim Character played by A. K. Hangal talking about Apocalypse to his son.

Most Non-Abrahamacs would miss it cause it seemed irrelevant. But the point is devout Muslims firmly believe in that Apocalypse. Even those that have their roots in Indus Civilization.

This article tries to make readers aware about Abrahamacs in a little detail and the Idea of Apocalypse. First thing first. Abrahamacs are the son of Abraham the Patriarch Of Monotheism. He was the probably the first one who prevented people from Idol Worship and he is probably the person who fixed the Idea of Monotheism. He had two sons: Ishmael and Isaac. Arabs are said to be offspring’s of first son Ishmael. Jews and Christians are supposed to offspring’s of second son Isaac. So Jews, Christians and Muslims are brothers in a way.

The Idea of Apocalypse or End Times is the thread that binds them together along with Idea of Monotheism. They all believe that their God is the One True God. That could be Yahweh for Jews, Jesus Christ for Christians or Allah for Muslims.  But all these Gods have one thing in common. All these One True Gods want to bring Apocalypse and they ask their believers to believe in it ardently like those Parents who tell their little kids to believe in Tooth Fairies and Santa Claus.

Apocalypse is also called Judgement Day/Armageddon/Doomsday or End Times. All these Three Religions believe that their One True God would come back and bring an end to Earth and its Population. The believers as in Muslims, Jews or Christians would be pardoned and taken to the Abode of God. The dead among the believers would rise and be taken to the Land Of God. Oh Yes!! The silly word RIP (Rest In Peace) is derived from Prophecy of Apocalypse.

In simple words: The One True God cannot come and offer you Salvation just yet so he wants you to lay as corpse buried Six Feet Under the Ground for rest of Eternity until he brings the End Times. When the Apocalypse comes he would come and resurrect you from the Dead and take you to his Kingdom.  In Jewish Prophecy the Kingdom of God would be built in Israel. In Christianity the Kingdom of God is Heaven. Similarly Kingdom of God for Muslims is Jannah.

The long and short of it is: All Three Abrahamacs are built on a fairy-tale Prophecy of End Times and Resurrection of Dead and Restoration of God’s Kingdom. To be fair Hinduism has coming of Kalki/Satya Yuga and Buddhism has coming of Maitreyi. Sikhism also has something related to Iron Age and Kalki. But none of the Indians Religions are hell bent on destroying the World for it. The Abrahamacs on the other hand (even the so-called Atheists) are so looking forward to End Times as if it is some sort of Party to look forward to. As though God is truly going to come and taken them all to Heaven.

ISIS the most blood-thirsty Terrorists Group wholeheartedly believe that they are the Agents who would bring End Times and so do most devout Christians hope that End Times are near and Jesus would return. They would probably go to war and may likely bring Apocalypse. And the funny thing is they call Idol Worship, Belief in Karma and Rebirth, Circle Of Life and Nirvana as stupid.

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