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Can the Right-Wing ignore Mr. Kejriwal until he self-destructs?

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How did Mr. Modi become PM Of India? Yes he did do some very good work in Gujarat but I can name other States and their respective CM’s who have done equally good job and do not command half as much respect as Mr. Modi does. Was it due to the twelve years when he was constantly abused, slandered and hated by his opponents? Probably yes. In spite of knowing this so many of Modi Fans and Right-Wing Supporters never learn their lessons.

kanchan dada advise

Above mentioned tweets by Mr. Gupta show exactly the problem that is prevalent in the right-wing group.  I have seen right-wing twitter handles who gleefully help Anti-Modi and Anti-RightWing hashtags trend on twitter. The dumber part is they try to support their point of view when the Twitter Hashtag was trended to oppose their viewpoint.

Hatred and Frustrations have become their obsession of sort. And this inherent hate is not limited to Mr. Kejriwal alone. They virtually go after everyone who has a differing opinion, even their own who sometimes do not agree with their point of views. Their blind hatred has resurrected quite a few dying careers. All the opponents needs to do is criticize Mr. Modi and his Policies. That’s it. Right Wing Supporters go after them and these jobless journos and actors become stars overnight.

I know quite a few journalists and actors whose career were resurrected after getting slander from right-wing groups who otherwise would be a bunch of nobody’s. So many years trolling on Twitter and Facebook and they are yet to learn that a few media personalities would never change no matter how many Open Letters you write to them. They still think they are destroying their opponents. When the fact of the matter is they are dancing to the tune of their so called opponents.

Coming back to Mr. Kejriwal, he is quite possibly the biggest bluff out there in India. Of the World Leaders I know of only Mr. Trump bluffs better then Mr. Kejriwal. And we can all see how hatred for Mr. Trump  has set him in prime position to be the next President of USA.

Mr. Kejriwal similarly thrives on negative publicity. He is the master of propaganda and appeals to the general public of Delhi who are more Socialist and Idealist rather then Realist. In Western India he may never command such respect cause citizens are Realist and driven by Capitalism. But there are many Metropolitan Cities and Urban Class in them whose Idea Of India revolves around Secularism and Social Equality for all. Mr. Kejriwal’s target audience is those Usefools besides voters of Delhi and Northern India where he has a considerable presence.

What’s more astounding is the ability of Mr. Kejriwal to turn his negatives like Perennial Whining, Bad Health, Victimhood Mentality and Conspiracy Theories into Sympathy Votes. He did it brilliantly in Delhi Elections. His positive is that he won’t be fazed by Negative Criticism heaped on him. He loves being the Center of everyone’s attention. He cannot live without catching eye of public. And in spite of knowing this fully well his detractors from Right-Wing cannot leave him be out of the hatred they have cultivated for him.

His other shortcomings like Unrealistic Targets, Megalomania, Showboating and Political Slandering would eventually bring his downfall. But until that time it would be prudent for his detractors to let him dig his own Political Grave.

The question now remains is: Can the Right-Wing ignore Mr. Kejriwal until he self-destructs? Or are they going to make the same mistakes that the Previous Government and their Loyalists did when they went after Mr. Modi.

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