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Science test for Hindus: Skepticism and bias established in the minds of Hindu children

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“Orthodox”, “regressive”, ” unscientific”, “demonic” are a few among the many epithets I have heard for Hindus since I was born. I was conditioned by liberal society, media, and even school to believe that the Hindu religion is synonymous with and is limited to all of the above.

Instead of instilling curiosity about their religion, since childhood, a sense of being wrong and inferior is instilled in Hindus by many schools and society. Skepticism and bias are established in the minds of Hindu children to such a degree that without reading a single book they accept that their religion is orthodox and unscientific. It would be so much better if Hindus were encouraged to read and understand their books and then make up their minds instead of following decisions made by other people — many of whom have never studied science nor read a single book on Hindu philosophy.

Forever there is a demand to pass “science tests” for the Hindus. I would request to all these people —Please allow people to do things that make them happy without putting them under the stress of passing a science quiz for their choices. “I do it because it makes me happy” should be a reason enough to do anything as far as it is not illegal. There can be no other scrutiny of one’s choices for happiness. Don’t the people who want Hindus to pass a science test choose to do things just because it makes them happy? It’s life after all and not a science experiment. Also, have these people demanding science score from Hindus also collected this score form other religions? If yes then what is the “science test score” for other religions?.

It is not possible for every Hindu to be able to explain justify or even understand the science behind their religion. Some of them are illiterate, many can’t argue in spite of being literate and some of them are unbelievably innocent. So it may not be morally correct to target people and put them through the painful emotion of shame. To feel safe, to be acceptable by society, and to avoid the pain of shame people can go to any extent. So, a humble request to all Hindu shammers — please think what a person is going through — educate and judge yourself before judging and shaming others.

Proven scientists like Einstien, Oppenheimer, and many more have studied Hindu philosophy, found it scientific, and owing to it shown great respect for the Dharma.

If Einstien has applauded Hindu philosophy and given it a scientific certificate then who are these people to declare it unscientific.?

As individuals who are born in a Hindu household one should have a little more than just a Hindu name. Children should be made aware so that they can advocate for their freedom to choose, and can assert their right for respect.

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