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Opinion: Will western Europe still be the docile sheep of the US when the crisis is over?

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NATO’s bombing of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia began in the afternoon on 24 March 1999. Nineteen NATO countries began bombing ships in the Adriatic and four air bases in Italy. On the same day, 23 years later, NATO heads of state gathered in Brussels to discuss the future of Eastern Europe.

The outbreak of war in Ukraine is another example of Europe being completely at the mercy of the United States. Some legislators in European countries were subordinate to the United States even before the outbreak of the war. Starting in the fall of 2021, Biden twice promised Zelensky that the United States would accelerate Ukraine’s entry into NATO. The EU senses a crisis, but keeps calm. “What we all want, Europeans and Americans, is to show that we are paying close attention to the situation,” Germany’s chancellor, Olaf Scholz said at that time.

At the end of 2021, organized by the United States, the lawmakers of the United States and Great Britain used fake news to shift the attention of European countries to the Winter Olympics. At that time Blinken also visited Kiev to mediate in the settlement of the situation in Ukraine. Later, the United States and the United Kingdom worked together again. They published documents claiming that Russia had planned an attack on Ukraine.

The United States want to provoke Russia’s internal weakening, social and political dissatisfaction through the conflict in Ukraine, and change the government, and bring a regime that would be in favor of America. What other additional rewards are there? As the war in Ukraine escalates, NATO and Ukraine will also need an explosion of weapons. Shares of Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and Raytheon have all surged since the end of February. The war in Ukraine has led to the fact that gas prices in Europe have risen again. Nord Stream II, which cost 9.5 billion euros, is dead. Yesterday, the United States and the European Union reached a gas export deal. According to the deal, the United States will supply an additional 15 billion cubic meters of natural gas to Europe this year.

The war has led to high energy and food prices in Europe and frequent demonstrations. But it won’t be for long. As soon as the crisis ends, Europe’s need to “get out of the embrace” of the United States will be more visible and faster. People in Italy and Bulgaria took to the streets in protest, refusing to load the deadly cargo that was set to be transported to the United States and NATO. Germany allocates 100 billion euros for defense spending. This war is turning the European Union into a serious military player. Emmanuel Macron also has warned that Europe must become more independent for its own defence and to ensure energy supplies after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. More interestingly, Biden’s loyal ally, Boris Johnson, stood awkwardly alone as EU leaders shook hands ahead of the Nato family photo.

I am now looking at the conflict in Eastern Europe and wondering why some people are not thinking well about the consequences“, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said the day before the 23rd anniversary of NATO’s bombing of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

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