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Boris Johnson

आसान नहीं है भारतवंशी ब्रिटिश प्रधानमंत्री ऋषि सुनक की राह 

ब्रिट्रेन के आर्थिक हालातों को देखते हुए आशंका जताई जा रही है कि ब्रिट्रेन 1929 की ‘महान आर्थिक मंदी’ की राह पर जा सकता है।

Welcome Rishi Sunak, the first UK PM of Indian origin, in ‘worst than hell’ time

The challenges before the Indian origin British PM Rishi Sunak are to take back the British economy on track, which has been off track since the Covid-19 outbreak; hold the rising inflation, cut down the steep hike in insurance & loan payments, redesign the Tax system so that it can benefits all, not just super rich; and bring back the glory for Britain as economic superpower.

Opinion: Will western Europe still be the docile sheep of the US when the crisis is over?

The outbreak of war in Ukraine is another example of Europe being completely at the mercy of the United States.

AUKUS and unit among democracies, both are important

Is AUKUS focused on belligerent communist ruled China, or may this pact facilitate Cold War II with devastating impact of Cold War I somewhat fresh?

Indo-Pacific conundrum, what Joe Biden is up to?

The US’s recent past’s most politically experienced President Joe Biden may be following the diplomacy of ‘nothing else but nation’s interest matter’, but while dealing with Indo-Pacific region he should know that this policy is more dangerous to adhere to for his nation which wants to retain the Super Power status with “America Is Back” pronouncement.

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