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Modi’s India: An India that prospers amidst chaos

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Another accolade from India! This is a new India that we’re seeing. An India that prospers amidst chaos. An India that has the world’s fastest growing economy. An India that kills over 150 terrorists in record time. An India that doesn’t take cowardice lightly, but returns despicable attacks by retaliating with full force, showing the enemy who’s on top. 

And don’t ask me to confirm these statements. Ask the United States to. Ask Brazil to. Ask Russia, Nigeria, Greece and France how much they love India in the past few years. BBC polls will show you. Why the United Kingdom and South Africa love collaborating with the Indian government. And why Singapore and Italy to name a handful, are in love with India and its way of governance.

An honourable, dependable supporter of women and their rights (triple talaq, Rs.1 sanitary pads to name a few initiatives), a man who believes in inclusiveness and equality (just look at the Dalit representation in his cabinet), a man who is as perseverant as any (from tea seller to a living legend), a man who always has one eye on the youth and education (Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao, The New NEP, Start-up incentives and initiatives), a man who always puts his country first, be it through surgical strikes, through introducing goods and services made in India, through strengthening our culture and tradition, through building airport after airport in UP, to restoring public faith and trashing the stereotype that all politicians are corrupt, Modi ji has showed us the way, working 18 hours a day, reducing inequalities, increasing opportunities, developing the nation at breakneck speeds, he deserves more than the appreciation he’s gotten today.

Which LEGEND would take foreign relations to such a height that countries would partner with us to make the vaccine for the Novel Corona Virus? Which person would make India’s economy the fastest growing (agreed it’s down not but wait and watch, the number of investments and development taking place, innumerable jobs will be generated)? Which person would take bold decisions to reduce terrorism significantly in Kashmir by the abrogation of Article 370?

You want to protest, go ahead. You want to display his portraits on the gutter, go ahead, you want to openly spread hate, please do so. Remember, the amount of development Modi has instructed and introduced, your governments, in 70 years of ruling, couldn’t do one-one thousandth of what’s taking place now. Those who want to call today National Unemployment Day, go ahead, make these derogatory and demeaning remarks. Modi has introduced more jobs than you can count.

Remember this. In 2013 and prior, you asked the world who India’s leader was, they wouldn’t know. You asked them how India was, they’d picture a slum and a boy wearing a torn baniyan, depicting poverty and underdevelopment at its peak.

You go ahead and ask them now; they see India as a superpower. As a country that is so developed, it gets China to apologize. A country so prosperous, prime ministers world over come to visit, hailing Modi. The elections in the United States are fought, Modi’s name surfaces. The world in 2020, doesn’t know India as a slum anymore. It’s knows India as a powerful, developed and sensational country. A country that has a vision. A country that will FOREVER prosper.

I am proud to be भारतीय under the prestigious, honourable prime minister Sri Narendra Damodardas Modi.

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Jai Hind!!!

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