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Narendra Modi's foreign policies

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam in light of cimate change

Is the Neighbourhood First Policy a viable solution to tackle climate change in South Asia?

India’s stand on Ukraine explained

India’s views on the democracies and shared values are identical to the USA as both share a multiethnic, multilanguage society bound by the same values of freedom of Press, free speech, and fundamental human rights to name just a few.

Ukraine Crisis through the lens of American foreign policies

Calling Putin, a fascist, a new avatar of Adolf Hitler is just a lazy escapist idea taken directly out of some mainstream media outlets.

Modi’s India: An India that prospers amidst chaos

Remember this. In 2013 and prior, you asked the world who India's leader was, they wouldn't know. You asked them how India was, they'd picture a slum and a boy wearing a torn baniyan, depicting poverty and underdevelopment at its peak.

Why is Narendra Modi a unique Prime Minister of India?

The most impact Modi and his policies have brought in is in the military and external affairs. Never had India been so much respected on the world stage before.

अंग्रेजो और अंग्रेज परस्तो कि जबरदस्त अंतराष्ट्रीय हार

अबकी बार अंतराष्ट्रीय न्यायालय के मुख्य न्यायधीश के पद को लेकर हुए चुनाव प्रक्रिया में आदरणीय नरेंद्र दामोदरदास मोदी जी कि भारतीय टिम ने अंग्रेजो कि महारानी एलिजाबेथ कि टिम को चारों खाने चित्त कर दिया।

Modern day Chanakya

Instead of questioning PM Modi for every little thing, like population control bill or Uniform civil code, we should just trust him and do our karma/duty in this Dharma War.

भारत का मिशन देवीशक्ति

ये तथ्य भी किसी से छुपा नहीं है की हजारो निर्दोष भारतीयों के हत्यारे मौलाना मसूद अजहर ने तालिबान के सबसे बड़े आतंकी मुल्ला बिरादर से मुलाकात की है काबुल में फैले तलबानी अँधेरे में और इस मुलाकात का एक मात्र मकसद है, तालिबान की सहायता से भारत के कश्मीर में एक बार पुनः आतंकवाद का भयानक तांडव करना।

‘Soft power’ is the key

The rise of India’s soft power has been tremendous. Its political values have earned it a lot of appreciation and respect across the globe.

India’s India’s vaccine Maitri

From requesting penicillin from Canada in 1947 to supplying Covid-19 Vaccine to more than 70 countries in 2021, our mother India has come a long way on its path of development & its dream of becoming the vishwa guru.

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