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The war that began twenty years ago, in the name of democracy, after spending more than a trillion dollars and loosing more than 2000 American lives, came to an utter meaning less and illogical end. With American government’s move to pull out American troops from Afghanistan, it was clear that they don’t want any more American soldiers to die.

So, Washington decided to play the puppet master and strings being attached to Taliban clandestine. It is unclear whether the surprisingly rapid capture of Afghanistan by Taliban was also a part of the show or not. And they left toys worth more than 85 billion dollars for the puppets to play with.

When America and it’s NATO Allies started leaving Afghanistan. Almost all the Indian news channels started covering Afghanistan and all the atrocities committed there by Taliban. And the narrative that these broadcasts were trying to build was – Paint the Taliban’s face black and hands bloody. like a very well created script. day after day videos were being released, videos which creates worry in peoples minds.

Whether it was news broadcast, viral, meme (like joe tzu), or using the statement from the mother whose son became a martyr in Kabul airport blast. I can only say “the director had done his home work and topped in exam”. resulting in creating enough pressure for New Delhi to make their move. In Washington’s strings that were connected to Taliban an electric shock was passed through it and one of the Taliban’s leaders jumped in shock and they were forced to take initiative to talk to India. the talks were conducted in Qatar.

so, a question arises, why so much drama? well, Taliban had taken initiative to talk with all the key players but had left out India. And Modi being The prime minister of the world’s largest democracy, how can he allow his administration to take initiative in talks with a terrorist organization. And after the talks between India and Taliban the information war fare ended.

Indian nationalists should be proud of Modi’s leadership. Instead of questioning him for every little thing, like population control bill or Uniform civil code, we should just trust him and do our karma/duty in this Dharma War.

Views Are Personal with no intentions to offend any one.

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