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Indian, when it suits them

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It is unfortunate that I am left to handle this uncomfortable feeling – the unsaid thing that saying I’m Hindu, means I’m the oppressor and its just outright unpopular. The Western View and some of our own media outlets have a gala time driving home the point that being Hindu is wrong. It’s something to be embarrassed about. That I should be apologetic about being a Hindu.

I am breaking the stereotype that there’s something cringey about accepting my culture and heritage. The casual way in which the brutality that took place, what our ancestors went through, means nothing because we’re all Indian now. And that, is quite upsetting!

They hide behind, “We are Indian too” till it suits them. Then, they pick up arms, right behind us!

This is, my art.

My poems are an ode to all we stand for, and what we do not. Tired of being told to just stop and be quiet.

I hope it calms the anger you feel about all that is happening in our country. The injustice to Lavanya and what’s happening to us.

Indian, until it suits them. Peaceful, until the Courts deny them.

Forgive, but Never Forget

“Don’t lecture us about the recent past!
How none of it matters,
Because we’re all Indian first!
And thats what counts.
Citing the same,
You’ve hunted me, mine and ours.

We were foolish to believe that, once.
We can forgive, but we’ll never forget
My ancestors,
Dead and gone.

Forget and Forgive,
You preach.
While picking up arms!
Both in action & words
And then,
Some to harm.

Nay, I say!
Daring to speak up.
A small voice,
In this orchestrated violence,
Of a different sort.”

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