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“Wokeism” & anti-Hindu rants in the West

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“Wokeism” is a Western concept and refers to remain alert about racial discrimination and to remove the racial inequalities of all kinds. As an ideological definition, it is of recent coinage following May 2020 murder of Black habitual criminal George Floyd by a White Police officer in USA. Enthusiasts tell us that as far back as in 1860 there was a ‘Wide Awake’ anti-slavery movement in support of Abraham Lincoln in USA who was standing for the US presidential election that year.

With the fall of USSR in December 1991, Marxism became weak as a political ideology. In the developed countries of Europe, North America and Oceania growth of a large group of Middle Class population during past one century gave more boosts for Capitalism. The fast growth of Middle Class in the developing countries of Asia and Latin America during last five decades also started acting as a buffer between the rich and poor. This development squeezed out any chance of Marxist Class Struggle in those countries. The poor countries of Africa became busy with Civil War and Islamic terrorism. In the first year of twenty-first century world order faced a paradigm shift with 9/11. Capitalist China and rogue North Korea failed to inspire people for any Communist movement and Marxism faced its inhabitable demise. Thus the jobless Western Leftists have clung to “Wokeism” to reclaim their self-styled intellectual existence and political relevance.    

After May 2020 “Wokeism” fast became a trend in the Western Social Media. It became an ‘in thing’, an intellectual fashion statement, particularly for the Leftists. As stated above, after the demise of Marxism, Wokeism became an alternative ideology for the shouting Brigade of Western Leftists. Wokeism is a high pitched, self righteous, abusive and highly selective war cry against racial and social discriminations. The practitioners of Wokeism are parts of the system and get incentive from the system they shout to change. 

The self-righteous and empty Leftists started Wokeism by patting themselves on their backs, while condemning everyone else. They were so proud of themselves. They invented a new way of being better than everyone else. Now people are beginning to see past the illusion of Wokeism created by the Western Leftists. Suddenly Wokeism has become disparaging, which Leftists try to weasel out from under it by blaming the Rightists.

This Wokeism gang has been ruthless on Hindutva and BJP. The recent rise of Hindu identity in India has made them mad. Sometime they collect money to organize seminar on “Dismantling Hindutva”, sometime they cry to support Islamic terrorism in Kashmir valley and sometime they find all evils with Hinduism.

They fail to see that Hindutva and BJP have no concern or relevance outside India. Hindutva, unlike Christianity and Islam, has no agenda of cultic imperialism. But still the gang is trying hard to impose Civilizational Inquisition on Hindu India in the guise of Wokeism. The gang is predictably blind towards the issues of Tibet, Uighur Muslims, Balochistan, Bangladeshi Hindus and Pakistani Christians etc..    

In their desperation to get wide acceptability, practitioners of Wokeism overlook international Islamic terrorism. But whatever one can call it, through Wokeism the Leftists are trying to make their agenda seem like a good idea. Sadly, they do have some good ideas, but they get lost in the rush to remake everything in their selective likeness.

In India also a large group of intellectually anti-national personalities from media, politics and academia is trying to propagate Wokeism in the country to serve the interest of Western anarchists. ‘Wokes’ (practitioners of Wokeism) are latest nuisance for human society and have graduated to be the cross-breed of Leftists, Jihadis and Christian Missionaries.

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