Thursday, May 23, 2024


Anti-Hindu Propaganda

“Wokeism” & anti-Hindu rants in the West

In their desperation to get wide acceptability, practitioners of Wokeism overlook international Islamic terrorism. But whatever one can call it, through Wokeism the Leftists are trying to make their agenda seem like a good idea. Sadly, they do have some good ideas, but they get lost in the rush to remake everything in their selective likeness.

SIRUVACHUR Hindu temple vandalised- TamilNadu

In Tamil Nadu, the idols of Sellayee Amman a village deity and many other deities in the temple have been vandalized by "miscreants" in SIRUVACHUR village.

Gaming, OTT & Social Media: Leftists trying to woo youngsters in every walk of the life

Leftists trying to corrupt youth by passively and very carefully pouring poison in their mind.

Analysis of propaganda and disinformation against Hinduism in India

Propaganda and disinformation have become a part of the modern world. Every day we wake up to see thousands of fake news, social media posts, and videos related to propaganda. Religious or political affiliation is an indicator of the majority of the propaganda.

Intellectual Lynching, frustration and suffocation

Sushant would have wanted to create science fiction. What was he forced to do? Anti-Hindu propaganda. His #reality was diametrically opposite to what he was being made to express.

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