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SIRUVACHUR Hindu temple vandalised- TamilNadu

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In Tamil Nadu, the idols of Sellayee Amman a village deity and many other deities in the temple have been vandalized by “miscreants” in SIRUVACHUR village. The village situated in Perambalur district of TN has been home to many Hindu temples. One famous temple is the Madhura Kaali Amman temple. This temple of Periyaandavar is a village temple home for clan-deities of various people in the locality. This has been attacked and damaged by miscreants. The miscreants have damaged a few other temples in the locality and have stolen the copper disc placed beneath the idols. Those discs would bear the Yantra calculation drawings for the respective idols. These miscreants have targeted those discs.

A person named Raja was caught by temple poojari and watchman, while stealing the discs from another temple in the locality. His bag was found to have quite a few such yantra discs. The villagers have handed that person over to police and a case has been registered. With anti Hindu forces openly operate with a smug in the State, and the open anti-Hindu stand of DMK and it’s parent body DK for the past 70 years, there is a widespread fear amongst Hindus that they might lose their Constitutional right to worship in TN.

Desecreated Periyaandavar temple, SIRUVACHUR

Hindus of the locality lamented that the temple was consecreated recently at an expense of ₹10 lakhs collected from villagers and the temple worshippers elsewhere. For many locals this temple has been the sacred place of their clan-deity. When the BJP karyakartas led by lawyer Aswathaman and many Hindu activists visited they had spoken to the affected villagers and assured them of help to rebuild the temple and perform a kumbhabhishekam as per dharmic norms.

A crowd funding has been sought over the internet, started by Hindu activitists and media men John Ravi & Karthik Gopinath. In 8 hours a record amount of ₹10 lakhs has been collected. Donations have been pouring in and the amount has been doubled to ₹20 lakhs. Now willing donors are being asked to help temples at their locality since the temple worshippers in TN have a widespread dissence against HR&CE department for treating the temples like ATMs and nothing more. In many temples, there have been complaints through social media that the officers of HR&CE have been non-cooperative for proper conduct of pooja. It has been a long lament among Hindus that temple properties (moveable and immovable) have not been maintained properly and we have seen occassional reports in media that action has been taken against HR&CE officers for mishandling of temple funds and cashflow.

Given such a situation Hindus have been left to fend for themselves as it has been during the rule of Sultanate in the previous millennium. With BJP and Hindu organisations stepping in for rebuilding the damaged temple in SIRUVACHUR conduct a Kumbhabhishekam as per dharmic norms, the Hindus in the State have got a ray of hope that they have people to stand up for them in times of hardships.

Some people in the know of Hindu temple Aghama Sastras are of the opinion that miscreants might have done this at the behest of some elements who wish to show Hindu deities at dim light by removing yantra discs those are said to be the source of positive energy in temples. Who are those elements? It is everyone’s knowledge who has been so keen to make people stop worshipping Hindu Gods and turn them elsewhere, said Hindu activists against religious conversion of sorts.

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