Thursday, April 18, 2024


Christianity a Well propagated religion

Religious conversion and cultural appropriation

Wherever Hindus have been a minority in South Asia, they have been exterminated.

Indigenous schools= Indigenous crimes

I don’t attend church for these reasons, they talk about things like “violence is a sin”, “lying is a sin”, “you get punished for the bad crimes you do'', okay? So why ain’t you in prison being punished for your sins, the violence?

“Wokeism” & anti-Hindu rants in the West

In their desperation to get wide acceptability, practitioners of Wokeism overlook international Islamic terrorism. But whatever one can call it, through Wokeism the Leftists are trying to make their agenda seem like a good idea. Sadly, they do have some good ideas, but they get lost in the rush to remake everything in their selective likeness.

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