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PM’s security lapse: The biggest concern

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On 5th January 2022, PM Narendra Modi was set to address the rally in Punjab’s Ferozpur however the rally was cancelled because of certain reasons which was announced by Mansukh Mandaviya.

However, within minutes later news started to emerge that there was a major security lapse as PM was left stranded at the bridge for 15-20 minutes due to the blockage by protestors he was stranded at the bridge which was 30 kms away from National Martyrs Memorial.

The matter has been too grave and the Ministry of Home Affairs has formed a 3-member panel to probe into the security breach and even the Punjab Government has ordered probe into this matter but however this has been stalled as the Supreme Court has formed a 4 member panel to investigate the matter and not only this but also Top Supreme Court Lawyers have got threat from UK by an organization which claimed responsibility for blocking PM Modi route on 5th January 2022.

Even as there has been claims and counter-claims have been going on, let us see who see the Standard Operating Procedure for PM’s security.

SPG: The Special Protection Group:

The Special Protection Group(SPG) is responsible for the safety as well as the Security of the Prime Minister. After the 2019 amendment, the SPG is responsible for providing him proximate security.

The Advanced Security Liaison (ASL) is also carried out the SPG which basically means that every minute of PM’s Itenary i.e schedule is documented and monitored by the Officials of Central Agencies.

Whenever PM pays visit to a State, the local police of that State maintains this minute to minute schedule which is supervised by the SPG.

The Advanced Security Liaison also requires the sanitization of the Venue and also of the route PM takes. Anti-Sabotage checks, frisking of the people who would be coming close to PM these all are mandated and is carried out by the SPG.

State had responsibility too:

Even though the proximate security of the PM lies with the SPG, it’s the responsibility of the State in which PM has to travel.

Basically it requires the State to sanitize and finalize the route PM is scheduled to take and then shared with the SPG so keeping the road route safe for the travel of PM is the responsibility of the Police.

The 5 Letters:

Even as there was war of words between Bhartiya Janta Party(BJP) and Congress, there was a new twist to this big story. As per media reports the letters sent by the Punjab ADGP to district level officials between the dates 3rd January 2022- 5th January 2022 indicated that the state police were made aware of Farmers plan to stage Dharnas and block roads on 5th January when PM was set to arrive.

All the 5 letters gave clear instructions to ranks of DIGs, IGPs and SSPs for clearing the protestors and ensure smooth movement of the Prime Minister.

Secret Note:

secret Note was accessed by the media which had indicated the Central Government had warned the Punjab Government of possible blockade of PM’s route three days before his visit to Punjab. As per the note PM faced threat from various terror groups and not only that but also Pakistan based terrorist such as Wadhawa Singh Babbar, Paramjit Singh Panjawar, Ranjit Singh Neeta, Lakhbir Singh Rhode have been making efforts time and again to target VIPs in election season in order to revive terrorism in Punjab.

The Khalistan Angle:

Not only this but a new video had emerged which indicated that how SFJ founder had released a video which asked people to block PM Modi and there was a reward for the same.

He was lauding the ‘farmers’ for blocking the PM’s cavalcade and claimed that it is a start for ‘Khalistan Freedom’ and he claimed that PM was chased out and upcoming polls will decide the Khalistan referendum.

The Sikhs for Justice founder has already been booked and charge-sheeted by NIA.

The Question Arises:

What all this thing point at, that there was all communication from Centre’s side about each and everything and State was informed well in advance but what stopped the police from removing all those protestors from that place despite they knew in advance

Even the news emerged of security Lapse which sent shockwaves across the Country while many citizens prayed for his well-being and many leaders expressed concern over the breach, the Congress leaders were shameless enough not to condemn what had happened in their own ruled state.

What Congress leaders stooped to and trivializing one of the biggest breach was more shocking, they were actually enjoying and making fun of what happened in Punjab. They were so low in their comments; they didn’t realize that they were trivializing such a grave situation. There has been not a single comment of Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra.

Why is that the security breach of PM has been a laughing stock for the Congress and the way they ignored all the 5 letters and secret notes which were sent by Centre to state. Even as the matter is in Supreme Court and the matter is investigated by Centre and State. We really hope and pray that such breach incidents never happen again. At the end I would like to say that whether a particular state likes PM Modi or not, their political views shouldn’t come in the way of guarding him.

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Interested in politics, Law and love to write Opinions on issue
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