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Corona: Lessons to learn

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Author, Writer, Educationist. Counsellor, AOL faculty, Electrical Engineer

We are in the second phase of Corona pandemic. This phase is devastating compared to first one. We are witnessing exponential rise in cases, critical and death cases on rise, facing many issues on availability of medical facilities like oxygen beds, ventilators, Plasma, medicines, etc.

Some lessons to learn for better environment, to improve socio-economic status and Aatmanirbhar Bharat (Self-reliant India).

Decentralization: It is utmost important to broaden our vision and expand our horizon to spread our wings for socio-economic growth of every section staying remotest places in rural areas. Today, we are facing major issues of corona in cities, especially in metro cities that are congested due to shifting of job seekers and creators to the cities. High death toll, panic, fear, heavy expenses on medical treatment have become the new normal in this pandemic. Population explosion in cities has caused burden on many institutions ranging from education facilities to hospital and sanitation. This colossal burden causing higher cost of education, medical facilities and higher cost of living. This has also resulted in pollution causing environmental degradation, exploitation of resources.

It is time for the government and society to earnestly check with vigilance and act to encourage new industries/businesses to different districts. Even if some existing industries/businesses want to relocate, government should help them out. Government is already building infrastructure across nation. If it is necessary to build infrastructure with pace in remote area, government and local administration must act with speed and precision and provide facilities, proper infrastructure to motivate and encourage entrepreneur(s).

This will help to generate local employment; will add small-scale industries, small businesses, will help people to improve economically in that district/region. It will also add value to farmers for processing and selling farm produce. Education, medical facilities will improve with lower cost. Overall, socio-economic situation of that district or region will improve radically.

It will help to face challenges like corona more effectively in future. It will also balance the rural and urban divide. In short, decentralization is the key to balance in the society.

Aatmanirbhar Bharat:- In last one year, we have been moving from a China empowering and dependent economy to building our own local and national economy. We need to stop using China products not only during pandemic but also for the long term for the benefit of all and to secure our future generations. We have to keep moving in this direction without getting distracted to empower our own people and country. China is a curse for the planet as it is using all ill practices to become superpower. Its expansionist attitude, biological war through virus, supporting terrorism and naxalism, destroying environment, giving nuke power to countries that are harmful to the planet.

Aatmanirbhar Bharat is not only ensuring self-dependence, employment generation and economic growth but also moving our nation towards global power to work for the betterment of every individual on the planet.

We have to propel in every segment ranging from toy industry, furniture, electrical and electronics industry, Pharma and chemical sector, defence, aviation, medical, infrastructure building. We as an Indian need to support and promote our own industries and businesses to change the socio economic scenario and create global footprints. One such decision is Tata group is setting up semiconductor based chip manufacturing plant in Tamilnadu, first in India, so dependency on China will be minimal in couple of years.

Nature is GOD: Everything is treated and worshipped in nature as divine in “Sanatan Dharma” however over the period our greed to take control of our planet for selfish motive resulted in heavy damage to environment. The outcome is we are paying the heavy price today.

Nature is providing us everything without expectation in return, is it not our duty to protect and nurture it? Our future generations will never forgive us for our grave mistakes if we do not improve our thinking and unscrupulous actions towards environment.
• Tree plantation on a regular basis should turn into a mass movement across nation.
• More electrically operated vehicles to be promoted and used to reduce pollution.
• Reduce/stop consumption of non-vegetarian food. Cow killing should be completely banned.
• Less use of unwanted chemicals and plastics and effective ways of recycling it.
If we do not learn and act accordingly, our future generations will pay, heavier price and they won’t be able to forgive us.

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Author, Writer, Educationist. Counsellor, AOL faculty, Electrical Engineer
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