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Freedom of media shut by Maharashtra Government – Uncalled emergency

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Congress one of the oldest political parties in India who claimed that Congress Leaders laid down their life for Indian Freedom and advocated for Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Expression today demolished all their so cold values. Indian National Congress who claimed themselves so cold secular, liberal, believer of Constitution today ruined all their values. They are in coalition government in Maharashtra with Shiv Sena, National Congress Party. They are attacking one media house Republic News Network and behind Mr. Arnab Goswami who is editor in chief in Republic News Network.

This is because Mr. Goswami has did bold and nationalist reporting in some incidents like Pulwama, Balakot, Palghar, Hathras, Sushant Singh Rajput Case and other National issues. He supported all nationalists views in his reporting. After watching Republic News one can understand how Congress working with their oppositions. Actually after linkage of Congress in Hathras case, Congress lost a big agenda to blame BJP. That’s happened because sting operation done by Republic reportes.

Not only Congress but Maharahstra’s other political parties like Shiv Sena, NCP totally exposed in various cases. Arnab always raised security, law & order condition and COVID 19 situation in Maharahstra. Linkage of Bollywood super stars with drug peddler gang also exposed by Republic Network. This stuff hampered Maharashtra Government’s creditability across India and Presidential Rules demand rising. To save their image, they are reopening such cases which closed as per proper Judicial Process. False allegations made on TRP. Today in media we seen how Maharahstra Police did heinous acts with Arnab and other family members.

We see today how so cold liberals and advocators of free speech, free expression today doing assaulting with one neutral and nationalist reporters and channels. Today its only Republic News but tomorrow everyone come in same scenario if speak against Maharashtra government. It’s time to show solid unitary and condemned this act done by Maharahshtra Government. It’s attack on fourth pillar of Democracy. Why is everyone silent?

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