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बडी खबर: परमबीर सिंह को फरार घोषित करने की तैयारी चालू, वेतन भी रोका गया

अनिल देशमुख पर परमबीर सिंह ने 100 करोड़ रुपये वसूलने का आरोप लगाया था। मामले की जांच के लिए न्यायमूर्ति चांदीवाल आयोग का गठन किया गया है। लेकिन परमवीर सिंह पिछले कुछ महीनों से लापता है।

Gross violation of Supreme Court guidelines – Illegal detention of Arnab Goswami

The illegal arrest is an attack on individual freedom and the fourth pillar of democracy. The more serious charge is violation of the Supreme Court guidelines passed in the judgment of DK Basu vs State of West Bengal AIR 1997 SC 610.

Freedom of media shut by Maharashtra Government – Uncalled emergency

Today its only Republic News but tomorrow everyone come in same scenario if speak against Maharashtra government. It's attack on fourth pillar of Democracy.

T20 and Republic Tv are different, modern and enviable

t this juncture, if SC turns away Republic Tv, then it will be tantamount to chopping wings of a free bird before it learns to fly high on its own. Republic Tv cannot be stopped. It should not be stopped by those who don’t like it. Period.

State misusing state organs: TRP scam case

Naming a media channel during the press conference by none other but police commissioner of the state without having the name of the media channel in the FIR, shows the malafide intent of the commissioner to falsely engage and publicly defame a news channel.

Smoke screen and the fall guy

The plan to destroy Republic was conceived, the TRP scam was just a Smoke Screen, and put it into action. The script was right out of a Bollywood film, may be some production houses helped write the script.

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