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Smoke screen and the fall guy

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A government which is facing mounting pressure of its inept handling of Covid19, all the stories about baby penguin, and a news channel breathing at its neck for its brazen misuse of power and in being cahoots with the criminals, now they are out to demolish the news channel itself. The government is hell bent on muting the voice of free media and the opportunity presented itself to PBS (Param Bir Singh) in the form of TRP scam and he grabbed it with both hands, to prove his loyalty to the masters.

A couple of weeks ago, all TV news channels were blazing the audience with theories in to the Death/ Suicide/ Murder of film actor SSR. It is better not to delve in to the intricacies of the theories as to a baby penguin being involved, to put it simple, there is something fishy in the way the police acted in the whole episode. The government wanted to hush-up the matter, reasons better known to them.

The Republic TV news network was the front-runner in race to unravel the truth of the death of SSR. Actually it was the interview of Kangana on Republic, which kick started the vociferous demand for CBI enquiry, which in turn leads to shaking of hive of drug conspiracies, which brought many prominent actresses to doors of NCB. Taking the cue of mood of the nation, some media outlets, reluctantly joined the bandwagon though with their own perspective. Another reason for the jump was their dwindling TRP’s.

The plan to destroy Republic was conceived, the TRP scam was just a Smoke Screen, and put it into action. The script was right out of a Bollywood film, may be some production houses helped write the script. PBS and India today news channel (the actual culprit) faked a press conference in which Republic was named in the scam of manipulation of TRP. All the TV channels went wild with joy and shamed Republic channel, but the truth prevailed. The script didn’t hold ground for even six hours. Republic showed the FIR of the scam and India media was bewildered to find the name of Republic missing but the channel which was crusading against the TRP scam, the India Today, was the actual culprit. It was really a failed bollywood script.

The brazen and blatant lies peddled by PBS that too with a straight face, the intent to please the masters was so hard, he forgot to check the FIR also. His schemes fell flat on his face. Now his future is at stake with an unhappy government and a court case by republic suing him for 200 Crores in damages.

What is in it for the Government? The government, had it been successful, would have sent a clear warning to all news channel to moot their line or face oblivion. If the plot fails, the Mumbai police and its commissioner were the fall guy, will be blamed for the inept handling or false accusations. But the government achieved what it always intended, to divert the public and media attention from the SSR case. Now all news channel are nearly forgotten the SSR, drug peddling and consumption by Bollywood, instead Republic is busy with proving itself as innocent. The Government is in win-win situation except for PBS.

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