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Tales of the Lutyens’ top cops

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Indian Police Service is the essential cog of the ‘Steel Frame’ that Sardar Patel envisioned to serve the country with utmost dedication. Policing is one activity that evokes consonance and dissonance with the country’s citizenry, as it serves as the barged wire fence, ready to protect and pierce, depending upon the path of the law one takes. But, it raised one’s eye brows when the LWE started showering encomiums on two Cops, as India’s Top Cops, as it never shied from associating Trigger Happiness with the cops. Well, LWE means not only Left Wing Extremism, but Lutyens Word Establishment, though many don’t quarrel when one insinuates both connote the same, as no one is sure. Be that, as it may.

During the last few months, Lutyen Czars took upon themselves the duty to shower respects on two of so called Top Cops. If they thrust ‘Top Cops’ on any ex. Police Officer, its not for nothing. So, who? One is Ved Marwah, who passed away recently, and the other is Julio Ribero.

Ved Marwah has been credited by Shekhar Gupta, as someone “who wore the IPS badge…today’s Delhi Police, unfortunately, doesn’t even deserve to claim his legacy… ” Ved Marwah had served as the Delhi Police Commissioner (1985-1988) post Anti Sikh Riots and as Chief of National Security Guards (1988-90), especially during the tumultuous days of terrorism in Punjab and was the respected luminary on anti terror operations. But, what struck a discordant note, in his otherwise illustrious career, was the period of 1985-1988, when he served as the Delhi Police Commissioner immediately after the 1984 Anti Sikh Riots, in the context of Shekhar Gupta’s observation of his legacy being unclaimmable by current Delhi Police (Well, it was always Anti Sikh Riots, not Pogrom, Genocide….. you know, even though it was one sided against sikhs. Thats the power of LWE narrative).

Ved Marwah was deputed in 1984 to conduct the administrative inquiry on the role of Police Force in the violence. But, he reportedly ceased his inquiry on the orders from above. He did not turn to be whistle blower, then. Rather, when he took over as Delhi Police Commissioner as immediate successor in 1985, he chose to transform ‘from the top – cease and desist order’ with respect to the inquiry on Anti Sikh Pogrom, into a self-imposed one. Or, probably, his appointment to Delhi Police Commissioner might have had its own strings attached, with an ‘asterisk marked conditions apply clause’ imposing such ‘cease and desist order’, one could safely surmise. Thus, evidently, nothing happened into the investigations of the Anti Sikh Pogram, with no justice being done to the victims. No activism for such justice whatsoever.

His stint in Delhi Police was followed by the prime post of NSG Chief in 1988 and a Padma Shri in 1989, both conferred by Rajiv Gandhi Government, which speaks volumes about what Marwah did (didn’t do) for his subsequent ‘rewards’. This was the unsaid part of the tribute paid by the notorious Shekhar Gupta to the celebrated top cop Ved Marwah. And contrary to what Shekhar Gupta says, Ved Marwah legacy is not blemishfree, to lay claim to. So, the unmissable bottomline is, LWE would celebrate cops who keep the interests of the Family, in tact, not for any Anti Terror operations’ acumen or national interest. (oh…..Shekhar Gupta…..not again)

This needs to be seen in the context of how the Lutyens treated the death of another Cop from Gujarat who headed the Police force during the period of 2002 to 2004, by recollecting the Gujarat Riots (it was promptly called by LWE as Anti Muslim Pogrom, even though both hindus and muslims had been killed in the riots) as ‘the worst in the history of modern India’, conveniently forgetting that though any riots or political violence was worst part of India’s story, there were many riots that were greater in scale in terms of violence and casualties, with Assam Riots of 2012 under Congress Rule said to have displaced 4 lakh people and the ruling establishment was under denial of the magnitude of the conundrum. For LWE, journalism is always politics by other means.

The next story gets on to the one about Julio Ribeiro, the ex. Mumbai Commissioner of yesteryears, who was fondly called Top Cop by Rajdeep Sardesai in this video (16.25 mins).

By now, one has come to know Julio Ribeiro as one who never hesitated to peddle fake news and narratives on Christians being under attack, only to be rebuked rightly by the economist, Jagdish Bhagwati. Sidestepping that, lets see what Ribeiro told Rajdeep, the RaOne of Indian English Media, in the above video.

Ribeiro says (25.30 mins) “I don’t think the Bombay Police would bother about the drug angle because everybody knows that the whole (Bollywood) Industry would have to be investigated in which case one of the big economic activity in Bombay, the Bollywood would get finished……….This is a political thing. Rhea Chakravarthy, who knows nothing about politics has been a pawn”. Now, here comes our RaOne, Rajdeep, in a typical Michael Angelo Style [to borrow the phrases of the centrist intellectual @aranganthan, who takes on the LWE with aplomb ] “with his quintessential whitewashing brushes from his boxers-pocket, after folding his lungi, chisel in his vest-pocket, strutting out the Sistine to deliver a masterpiece”, among his countless others, to completely whitewash Mumbai Police’s decades old unabashed complicity in Bollywood’s drug racket as confessed by Rebeiro. Wah…..Indian Journalism at its pinnacle.

Lets come back to Ribeiro. He was Mumbai Commissioner in 1982 -85 and superannuated in 1987. So, evidenced by Rebeiro’s confession on Bollywood-Drugs nexus, it is apparent for anyone to dicern that it was common knowledge with top echelons of Mumbai Cops about Bollywood’s drug racket for so long, and this man happened to be not just ex. Mumbai Cop but a Self Imposed “Protector” of drugs syndicate in Bollywood that probably got him his fame as Top Cop from Lutyens. This is just ridiculous!!!

Lets draw our attention to Ribeiro’s another slanderous fakery on describing the causes of Godhra train carnage. In an interview to The Wire as late as June 2018, Ribeiro says thus on Godhra train killings: “On the day that Godhra happened, …………..There were, I’m told, 3-4 VHP karyakartas and one of them I think pulled the beard, of one of those vendors.  You see there is a community called the ghanchis who are on that station. …. ,and those are the ones who probably did that, I am almost sure, they did it because of revenge for having pulled that beard”. And this, after Nanavati Commission in 2008 and Special SIT Court in 2011 convicted people on planned conspiracy for Godhra train carnage. It was unimaginable for anyone who saw Julio Rebeiro as tough Police Officer whose role in the thick of Punjab insurgency earned him Padma Bhushan, to consume such fiction with alacrity.

And there seems to be no end for the machinations of Ribeiro. Given his track record of bigotry in recent years, as exposed above, it was so rich of him to insinuate legal action against a few, even as holding placards to certify as true patriots for others like Harsh Mander, Apoorvanand, who, some would contend as the usual suspects known as rabble rousers resorting to demogoguing with naxal persuasion, and to ask Delhi Police to leave them out in the investigations of Delhi riots. No Wonder……the post retirement co-option of this so called ‘Top Cop’ into Lutyens Cabal is complete.

It becomes absolutely clear that this Top Cops Label Affixation is a ‘Lutyens Organic Farming Business’, whereby they pick, seed and grow ‘Top Cops’ who come in handy to peddle their narratives. Just shudder to think, if not for internet and democratization of information, no one knows since when, this nautanki had been on, and if not for social media, for how long this ‘thought imperialism’ would have continued unabated.

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