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Media liberals

Crisis-hit India needs advisers with clean image and expertise

Ramchandra Guha blames PM Modi not listening to the expert unlike Congress Prime Ministers. Lets see what would have been different had Nehru and Indira Gandhi would really have listened to the experts.

Tales of the Lutyens’ top cops

During the last few months, Lutyen Czars took upon themselves the duty to shower respects on two of so called Top Cops. If they thrust 'Top Cops' on any ex. Police Officer, its not for nothing. One is Ved Marwah, who passed away recently, and the other is Julio Ribero.

The decline in leftist media

The industry, which has hitherto been infested with leftist propagandists, appears to be slowly turning right. The once-popular newspapers and television channels lost their sheen and are on a decline.

Selectivity, national interest and media

Can we practice selectivity in the national interest? Truth can be delayed but cannot be avoided.

Washington Post doing a ‘Deshabhimani of America’

WP changes article's headline “India Kerala Coronavirus: How the Communist state flattened its Coronavirus curve” to a more neutral looking ”How the Indian state of Kerala flattened its Coronavirus curve”. Says much about their propaganda.

‘कभी बड़े शीशे के सामने खुद को निहारना तब पता चलेगा आप कौन जात हो’

हर खबर में 'कौन जात हो' एंगल ढूंढने वाले पत्रकार साहब खुद को किसी मसीहा से कम नहीं मानते, ये बात और है कि शॉ की टीआरपी नीचे से पहले पायदान पर है।

The Wire calls Nationalism as toxic and suspects Uri attack

Don'e expect any better journalism from them, the news house is from the gang who asked for the proof of surgical strike!

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