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BJP cannot afford to be indecisive in Sushant Singh’s case

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Thanks to Republic Tv’s relentless pursuit, people are now suspecting, if not convinced, that Sushant and Disha were murdered. This mysterious and sensational double death case gathered steam after Kangana’s interview to Arnab and followed by Sushant’s father’s decision to file FIR with Bihar Police. By then, Mumbai Police had intentionally botched up the initial investigation. Police Commissioner Param Bir Singh was utterly unprofessional and irresponsible which resulted in tarnishing image of Mumbai Police. He must be fired and other heads also must roll. There is no question about that. Thankfully Supreme Court ordered Mumbai Police to hand over the case to CBI.

But to be honest, even CBI doesn’t have great track record. Recently, Sr. Adv Vikas Singh accused CBI of going slow in Sushant’s case. After so many key witnesses had appeared on TV and provided numerous circumstantial evidences, I genuinely thought that it would be a cake-walk for CBI. Also, one must not forget the kind of role technology can play in solving these cases. Mobile networks, Google Map and Satellite images etc. can provide conclusive and substantial information regarding who were present in the vicinity of Sushant Singh at the time of his death. Does CBI not know how to gather evidences using technology? Or is it still not convinced that this is a case of murder? Or are they not interested in finding real culprits for whatever reason? Only time will tell.

Interestingly, CBI’s ex Special Director Rakesh Asthana is now heading Narcotics Bureau Control (NCB) which is giving sleepless nights to Bollywood stars. Asthana was said to be handpicked by PM Modi for CBI’s special director’s role. But he had to unceremoniously leave CBI after ugly public spat with then CBI Director Alok Verma. Asthana was later given a clean-chit. To his credit, he has solved many high-profile cases in short time. Therefore, he brings in a lot of experience and expectations to dig out drug angle in this mystery death case. The third central agency involved in this case i.e. Enforcement Directorate (ED) has relatively smaller role to play. But nevertheless, it was the first agency to interrogate Rhea and company. Going by rumors in social media, it won’t be surprising if another central agency (NCPCR?) also gets involved very soon.

High-profile murder or mysterious death cases usually have political angle and this case is no exception. It is rumored that at least one young politician from Maharashtra is connected with Sushant and Disha’s suspected murder cases. It is also said that major political parties are aware of and have credible evidence of ‘Whodunnit’. But no one has been directly accused yet. With multiple central agencies tracking this case, BJP cannot wash its hands by merely saying that these are independent agencies doing their job. Of course, these are independent agencies and should work without any pressure, but the decision to go that far usually rests with political leaders and in this case, it is with Home Minister Amit Shah because CBI is leading Sushant’s suspicious death case and CBI falls under Home Ministry. Assuming CBI and Amit Shah have fair idea of what would have happened, this case can go 2 ways.

  1. Some noise for few days and after that the investigation slows down without any conclusive evidence – This approach will be counter-productive to all the efforts BJP is putting in to be seen as a transparent and common man’s government. Deliberate inaction will be akin to Anderson’s let off by Rajiv Gandhi after Bhopal Gas tragedy or Dawood’s running away with the help of a big Maratha politician after Mumbai blasts in 1993. I’m sure Amit Shah doesn’t want to be in that company. Therefore, he must ask CBI to investigate without any political pressure from anyone but at the same time aim for logical conclusion. Anything less than that would mean, emboldening Shivsena and Mumbai Police Commissioner at the expense of common man’s safety and freedom
  2. CBI manages to identify real culprits – In all probability, Mahavikas Aghadi will fall. People of Maharashtra will be saved from clueless chief minister and his dysfunctional government. Be it Kangana’s office demolition or shaving of head of a common man for criticizing Uddhav or conspiring to hide lynching of Sadhus in Palghar incident, Shivsena has again and again proved that it is running past its due date. If elections are held today, Shivsena will struggle to reach double digit mark. Additionally, if NCB arrests few druggie actors, then the noise coming from stupid Bollywood fraternity will also stop. Bollywood people have invariably taken a stance against national interest hence keeping their mouth shut should help BJP

BJP should realize that majority is with them because they know BJP is bringing in changes and justice with transparency. Revoking of article 370, introduction of CAA, Farmers bill were some of the remarkable things it has done. Now it’s time for the BJP leadership to show that investigating agencies are truly independent, fearless, and if required they can act against person of any privilege and stature. Freeing agencies from any political pressure should be annexure to BJP’s Congress-mukt Bharat strategy because for far too long these agencies were made to remain toothless tigers in high-profile cases.

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