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Why Sushant Rajput’s mysterious death is a gateway to the troubled Bollywood and why India has to bring in the CBI to investigate it

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This man had the looks, the intelligence, wide-ranging interests and knowledge, the dedication to his work, and the love for his late mother. It’s indeed a rare combination in any human being. Sushant Singh Rajput is no more. He was found dead in a room.

Coming from a small town, he made it big in the Mumbai movie world. But then, as was his meteoric rise a surprise, his death was no less in mystery. Mystery, however, did not stop there. ‘Denigrating’ his department and all the training that is needed to be a police officer the inspector came out of the dead man’s room and gave a live statement. ‘It looks like a suicide’ said he, and like a guru, he added ‘we will wait for the autopsy report’. Almost suggested by the reliance on the autopsy report – which itself can easily be modified – the investigation has been as slow as the walk of a lazy tortoise. And the communication from the Mumbai police department has been as silent as that of the stalwarts. While this itself gives rise to conspiracy theories, the untrained average fans get a chance to have a go. In fact, they seem to be far quicker and smarter than the trained and salaried yet possibly forced or bought police department.

The fact is; it is not a difficult case to solve. With it happening in the city center as opposed to a remote area where nobody ventures, it offers plenty of witnesses including the other residents, the party friends, the servants, and the rest. More importantly, the 50 SIM card changes not only give the cause of the tragedy, it even displays the identity of the culprit!

Yes, let alone the role of his envious success or condemned failures on his death, the change of 50 SIM cards clearly airs his repeated attempts to defend himself. In getting a new card he was building a Great Wall of China around himself every time. His passion to live and fight back on each occasion he did so, is very much clear. Besides, while those attempts highlight the repeated and persistent threats coming from outside, they also indicate that the person or persons involved were able to know the changed (new) mobile numbers on each occasion. The fact is, unless the person has a close connection with the police department, or works there, it is not possible to know the new numbers so quickly.

Yes investigations take time, but the non-revelation of the progress report by the police department despite the huge interest shown does not look reassuring. The laziness in the questioning of the relevant people also raises questions. Being used to the earnings from the cinema halls, although, lock-down has not been very helpful to the film industry, forcing ordinary people to the Net, it has made a difference to viewers. Suddenly YouTube, Twitter, and other social media platforms are abuzz with videos and messages airing dissatisfaction with the probe, a Kojak beating assessment of the scenario, and the request for a CBI probe. And as if to maintain a balance, Twitter is busy suspending accounts. To the intelligent that gives a clue too.

In the three guesses related to the episode viz. suicide, abatement to suicide, and a Murder, the uni-focal (suicide) view of the investigating officer and Maharashtra’s home minister only leads to more doubt than assurances. Instead, matching the trio; the role of politics, pressure, and greed almost give more answers to the delay. This is, however, not the first death of its kind in Bollywood. There have been several such suspicious deaths over the years. They were, however, never investigated by the CBI? Why should this death get any special treatment?More importantly, however, unlike by fans, why on earth would this article give so much of importance to this death, and even ask the Indian government to investigate the matter further?

Why the need for a CBI probe?

Yes, there have been several mysterious deaths in the past in this financial capital and the dream world of India. From that perspective, this is just another addition. One would just callously say, ‘It happens, not everyone succeeds’. But, while the addition of this incident in the ‘not properly investigated’ list itself makes the local investigation not sufficient and therefore makes a case for the CBI probe, the huge interest that it has generated in the nation only adds that compulsion for the Maharashtra government. The simple message should be ‘This cannot go on’. The state government should listen to the CBI demand. If not then asking a judge to order a probe is there too.

Also, as the saying goes ‘as is the government so are its institutes’, people fear that this investigation is heading towards the way Maharashtra’s coronavirus epidemic control measure is going. Yes, the state’s financial graph might have gone down; its coronavirus graph is skyrocketing.

With it enlisting so much of national interest that too even after a month and the voice even heading towards the global platform, the prestige of Maharashtra and its police force is at stake here. Also, such stigma isn’t good for the financial capital of India, when India is seeking foreign investment. When the state doesn’t look very helpful, the center has to butt in to save the prestige of the state along with that of the country. A CBI probe thus becomes imperative.

With it being a mouthpiece of India like Hollywood is for the US, the Mumbai film industry not only has to be under the domain of law and order of India but has to shine too.

Sadly, the dream world, unfortunately, has more skeletons in its coffers than meets the eye. This incident only makes it the tip of the iceberg. The iceberg has to be explored in its entirety. It needs to be investigated and the facts found. The CBI’s handling of this case will reveal a lot of skeletons in its coffer. It is, in fact, an opportunity for the central government to intervene and the people will be with the government.

More reasons for a CBI probe:

India under Modi wants to become a global player. For that to come true, slogans are not enough. India has to be able to give something to the world. As a global leader, America’s Hollywood has done wonders for the world. In fact, the very world Bollywood traces its roots to Hollywood. Yes, having a long cinema history, India should be giving the world a lot of decent movies. Sadly, it has been happy copying Hollywood movies like its name itself.

The prize ceremonies:

Yes, Bollywood organizes several prize ceremonies both in India and abroad. Far from being prestigious and the prizes themselves being much sought after, some actors don’t even attend those ceremonies. Prizes seem to be guided by nepotism and by being in certain cartels rather than by talent. Sadly, they have a value of entertainment alone – not admiration.

Acting opportunities:

Let alone not getting a prize for the hard work done by the actor/worker that simply deflates enthusiasm, even getting a chance to act is a struggle – if one is not in the right camp. Yes, nepotism is present everywhere and Bollywood isn’t any different. Also, although it doesn’t take one far, like anywhere else yes casting couch does occur and sex does talk when money or talent isn’t quite there. But in Bollywood, bullying seems to go on openly, especially against a competitor – who is seen as a threat to the hegemony.

Film releases:

A hit film not only needs a good film but also several cinema halls for its release. When most of the halls are only available for the selected few, who always tend to produce add related the first-day collection hits, it becomes a tragedy for the others – as they lose money. Not surprisingly talent dies down.


With the Bollywood world divided into insiders and outsiders, the insiders make sure that there is no threat to their earnings and prestige from the outsiders. Besides, almost like a bully they also make sure that outsiders obey them and as if they were Dhimmis remain in their place. Apart from the occult threat from the underworld, overt insinuations during private conversations or public festivals are common.

The investment:

Like any other industry, the Mumbai film industry needs financiers, and like anywhere else tax evasion is a known problem in this city too. Of course, legit financing is good but Bollywood is known for its underground connections and funding. Funding, however, isn’t innocent for it drags command and control with it. While control goes to the makers of the films, the command goes to the agenda that it wants to be propagated.

Once that is understood the bullying and threatening episodes that happen in the dream city in a rather regular fashion (which incidentally now offers more smiles than tears) can be seen as a natural consequence.

All these need a deeper investigation. With the Mumbai police wetting their pants if forced to do so, it becomes imperative that it is done by the center.

Also, the agenda-driven propaganda part of the underground may not be good for the people and the government of India. Since this involves the whole of India, the central agency cannot drag its feet.Having said all that one can easily question, even if the CBI investigates they might just come up with a few culprits. They may be put in jail. This may satisfy his fans. But, how on earth will an investigation lead to investigating Bollywood and how on earth will it be useful for India?

Will it investigate Bollywood?

The strange thing about this saga is that almost like a great Bollywood movie, it has not only the cacophony that is airing a lot more than that single death, it has the deafening silence coming out from the Bollywood stalwarts – which is screaming a lot more.

When the cacophony and the silence are added together as 2+2 or simply as dots this death seems to be the result not of any individual hostility. It rather seems to be the result of an idea, a phenomenon, an agenda. It almost reminds one of the communist revolutionary going on a killing spree for the sake of an idea of the fatherland.

This case seems to have many octopuses like tentacles reaching far and wide. An impartial investigation by the CBI will not only lead the investigator to the immediate cause of this death but to the tentacles that are involved in the sad incident.

If it is an honest investigation, one tentacle will lead to another tentacle and so on. Even if there are a lot of skeletons in the coffers of Bollywood, these tentacles will lead to them.Not knowing much about the circulating cash, India did do a demonetization of its currency. Now, following it, India knows better where the hard cash is circulating. Similarly, the central government, which is aiming for a global stage, has no idea about what goes on in its cinema Industry in terms of both cash and crime.

In there, there is not only a duty but an opportunity for the center to butt in. Even if, it isn’t able to go deep on the underground part, it can deal with the overt part and bring about the circulation of taxed cash and legal equality in the functioning of the Indian cinema. While censoring films isn’t enough, even that does not reach the grossly unregulated and disturbing Net series.

Apart from finances Bollywood needs good actors too. In fact, it needs more to prosper. If equal opportunity is brought into the Indian cinema, brilliant yet outside artists and the rest can have an opportunity to bring about a big change in Indian cinema. Imagine that concerning the population that it has.

In doing so the Indian government will not only have an accurate idea of the finances involved, it will have the opportunity to correct the present problems. Thus, it will enhance healthy competition in the Indian cinema sector. And when the fair competition comes in, India might be able to produce brilliant actors locally and prize-winning cinemas internationally. This will not only help the ‘Make in India’ concept it will push India’s dignity globally.

This may not be good to the bad guys, as they say in film circles; it will be good for the good guys.


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