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Open letter to Mr. Julio Ribeiro

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I am recently retired technocrat , who has taken interest in to National politics since 2013 as a participant in support Modi  mass movement . I write  counter blogs mainly to  pick holes in the malicious campaigns by   the notorious anti modi  lobby .

Dear Mr. Reibero

I have been noting with dismay your various protest letters and accusatory petitions directed at the  present regime. It does not require much efforts on the part of anyone with average intelligence to identify the reasons behind the standpoint that elicits such responses from you. From the time BJP,  despite all out efforts by vested interests from both within and outside the country to deny its well deserved entitlement, won the mandate of the people in 2014 there have been unwarranted apprehensions and antagonism in people like you.

The reason for this antagonism is very clearly discernible for an average follower of politics of this country. There is an irrational norm that is being held on to that in a secular country the majority community needs to make all the sacrifices of its rightful claim to maintain communal harmony. Further the onus of maintaining communal peace lies in its forbearance even in the face of menacing and aggressive behavior from other community members. The word secularism had got so distorted under the regime of few political parties, that anyone group or an individual who pointed out the blatant perversions in the secular policies was labeled as communal.

The reactions from many in the wake of BJP decimating the pseudo secular forces in 2014 was as if some disgrace had descended on them and as if their birth right of privileges were violated. Thus the mercenary mouthpieces that represent this shady political forces that got uprooted, engaged itself in 24×7 castigation of the govt  and its policies. Ironically it was a boon time for Anti Modi Journalism because it opened the flood gates of funds for the mercenary left liberal journalists and celebrities. Funds from various covert NGOs of the Open society Foundation type and as well as those from arch foes our Nation poured in to their account to destabilize the govt they were anathematic to.

The mercenary Liberals worked furiously to somehow implicate the govt as communal and intolerant. The policies on cow slaughter ban, triple Talaq, abrogation of article 370, citizen ship amendment act etc were given communal colour. Normal law and order issues involving anti social elements were interpreted as communal acts having blessings of the govt. Police crackdown on arsonists, and Police investigations on unlawful activities had communal insinuations wrapped around it if at the receiving end the subject happened to be a Muslim. Even the judicial decree from highest courts was chastised if it went against the minorities expectations.  

This anti Modi lobby always managed to enlist the support of appropriate noted personalities of the society to add authenticity to their contrived agenda of demonstrating how intolerant and communal the Modi regime is. In a country of a billion population it should not be difficult to short list such persons, on whose opinions the Modi hate brigade can piggy ride their deceitful anti Modi narrative. Some of these  eminent persons short listed by the anti Modi lobby may  belong to that disgruntled lot which  has lost its perquisites and untenable entitlements with the closure of the lobby of privileges that flourished in  the previous regime where as the rest of them would be volunteering to buttress this fraudulent initiative of hate Modi brigade as it perfectly syncs with their pathological aversion to Hindu centric influences .

Thus an award vapasi club sprung up from nowhere to register a protest against growing intolerance over an unfortunate loss of life of a Muslim in a scuffle at a village called Dadri in UP. However strangely in 2010, not far back from 2014, when in Kerala a professor named T.J.Joseph had his hand chopped by college students affiliated to PFI that faulted the professor for setting up a grammar question that involved the name of Mohammad the prophet, did not ruffle a feather in the club of conscience keepers of India on tolerance. This club ignored the dastardly act of the educated students in Kerala but was all  eagerness personified in lambasting the central govt for a law and order issue of a non BJP ruled state. This contradiction in the club’s response is clearly attributed to the catalytic role played by a group of individuals that claims itself to be left Liberals. Volumes can be written to prove that these self acclaimed, left liberals nether subscribe to left ideology nor abide by Liberal values but they just come as slimy intellectual mercenaries.

Thanks to these intellectual mercenaries people like you found motivation in unleashing harsh attack on the Govt through open letters on many issues like- CAA, Facebook supposedly favoring BJP, defending  Mr. Harsh Mandar’s incendiary speech in the wake of CAA bill and in defense of urban naxals. You made a scathing attack on the Govt in another open letter in the wake of spurt of church attack reports in the media. You never had the moral courage or the decency to apologise for your impulsive accusations after it came to light that such acts were part of a conspiracy to discredit the govt.  

It is very unfortunate that Christian leaders fail to see that countries like Syria, Pakistan, Turkey are living examples of what transpires on followers of other faiths when the local populations with its own faith system grows to sizeable majority. The threat faced by many Liberal democracies of Europe is real  and terrifying. Regrettably Vatican seems to be least bothered about the impending threat to global religious ecosystem. The number game in faith conversion seems to take the Prime focus.  

In Indian context as a matter of fact thanks to Hindu community and the Hindu organizations the secularism is still alive in India where other communities can still coexist and prosper peacefully. If the pseudo secular parties had their way they would have perennially pampered the minorities to retain power, least realizing that the very politicians who were appeasing them would become their first target when the appeased would usher in their own set of religious laws.

It is not that the Indian minority religious group only consists of two of the Major branch of Abrahamic religions. There are Parsees, Sikhs, Jews, Buddhist, Jains, who also form part of the minorities but curiously they do not have any such misgivings and abhorrence to Hindu organization or to political parties  that represent the majority community. Interestingly it is only those religions  which profess the superiority of their faith with “This is the only way” kind of proclamation see everything red with BJP  govt. 

Honorable retired civil servants like you have responsibility for the future generation of at least your own community if not for the rest of the Indians. You would not like to be remembered by them as one who was part of a collective which in the name of dislodging a legitimate mandate of majority ended up facilitating the dominance of the very forces which chose to annihilate the rest including their very  proponents. What happened in Kashmir was a portent of ominous future for Indians. There is still time for octogenarians like you to reflect seriously as to what is good for the future generation of Indians.

The world has seen birth of many faiths. On the one side we have those religions which believe in flourishing by invading others in the name of holy war to impose their faith on the vanquished. On the other side you have those religious systems which carried along an atheist too in its lap and which also has a track record of co existing peacefully for centuries with so many other faiths at various points of time. Any intelligent mind should be in a position to evoke this irrefutable facts of historical perspective when they are faced with erroneous indoctrination by their religious leaders.  


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I am recently retired technocrat , who has taken interest in to National politics since 2013 as a participant in support Modi  mass movement . I write  counter blogs mainly to  pick holes in the malicious campaigns by   the notorious anti modi  lobby .
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