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Time for nepotism is over

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The world has changed since 14th of June. It was the day when Sushant was murdered. A young, bright, talented, intelligent being who faced all the occulsion and neglect with an innocent sweet smile. Why and who murdered him is still unknown. Now since CBI has taken over the mystery will soon be unravelled. His death left us awestruck and disturbed. It came to the realisation soon that the nepotism he faced was not only in the field of politics, buisness even academia but also so much more prevalent in Bollywood. The people who killed him must have thought that his death too will soon be burried with the the absolute truth and people will buy the depression theory. They tried hard to keep it covered. So much so that even the FIR was not lodged in Mumbai. However, this time its not going to happen anytime soon.

Sushant’s demise all the more left us to realise how fool we had been all this while. We have danced to the tunes of ‘Munni badnaam hui’ and ‘Sheila ki jawani’, songs filled with such cocky lyircs. We have watched their movies and made them stars. Many of us literally worshiped them. And what for? Who made them stars? Us. And today we are dumfounded when Kareena Kapoor Khan says ‘mat jao na humari movies dekhne’. We looked up to these “stars” and made us our role models. All my childhood I foolishly enjoyed their movies. Now their sight on television disgusts me into thinking what kind of hipocricy exists in this world! Yes we have been stupid.  We have ignored the real, new talents and genuine people and given the limelight to the undeserving. If Karan Johar bred Nepotism, we as an audience gave wings to it. We gave them the platform to infuence our lives.

But now. Never again I am watching their movies. I don’t want to spend my hard on money on those fake faces smeared with mascara and foundations speaking venom against my country. They are the big wigs and influncial people with strong political bonds. I have heard that Maharashtra Government is also involved. People like Mahesh Bhatt who give clean movies to their daughter Alia Bhatt but keep cheap roles for other actresses. She became ambassodor of brands  like ‘Garnier’. Kareena Kappor Khan who endorses white and fair skin and then posts on ‘Black lives matter’. She is the wife of self-proclaimed historian Saif Ali Khan who found no other Muslim name for his son other than ‘Taimur’ an invader who killed Hindus and looted temples, and orderd forceful conversion on Indians. Salman Khan who owns an expensive ‘Being Human’ brand and then funds in God knows what kind of dubious activities. ShahRukh Khan who practically advertises for Dubai and calls Indians intolerant, the very people who gave him the stardom. Amir Khan who have friendly ties with those countries and people who opposes the very idea of a unified India. Mahesh Bhatt and Amir Khan have heard to be having contacts with communal riots instigator Zakir Naik. Naik got converted and became communal but its hilarious that he wont change his Hindu surname. These proprietors of glamour industry have managed to get every space in the grid of television industry. This has to stop now.

On one hand we had Sushant, an extremely radiant and positive being who studied about stars and had dreams we couldn’t have even imagined of and on the other hand we have lipsticks and caky faces who flashes pure ignorance.  Sushant who rejected a 15 crore fairness cream advertisement. Sushant who sponsered women entrepreneurship and sent kids to NASA. We need more people like Sushant in this world. A sensitive being who amazes with idea of how the universe works. We need more peope who want to make Earth a better place. Why are we so used to dumb lyics of songs and badly scripted productions with ridiculous story line? Why they no longer produce sensible movies? There is a movie I saw recently. Vidyut jamwal’s ‘Junglee’. It was such an insightful movie. Its high time creators should start making content on themes related to environment, inspiration, art, creativity, constructive societies, patriotism, animal welfare, etc Why don’t such movies make a hit? Why can’t we support talented people?

But I guess just like Bollywood our country was also suffering. The way they killed Gulshan Kumar and made Bollywood into a mafia industry, similarly they enjoyed every other unoppossed dictatorship after Indra Gandhi. If  only for the leadership we have under Modiji wasn’t there even actors like Kangana wouldn’t have been able to come to the platforms to speak about the bigotry. Credit also goes to JIO internet who made it possible for the majority of Indians to utilise the power of social media. Its time for new talents to spurt now, and it will.

This movement should not fade away after lockdown. It should in fact become stronger by day. At all levels. Bollywood, politics or academics. It should be unstoppable. I firmly believe that only deserving people should get the platforms. We are a huge democracy and there should be no place for appeasements and favourism. ONLY  anyone who deserves should get the opportunity. No conditions apply.  Its time for agendas to stop. The audience has the power to appreciate and reject. Lets exercise our position. Lets support and create opportunities for other people. Lets also completely boycott fake secularism and movie mafia and busts propaganda against our country and culture. Lets give in to knowledge and eternal truth.

Shalini Sharma

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