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Ankit Shah
Ankit Shah
Indo-Pacific Security & Foreign Policy Observer, Consultant, PhD scholar and Past Academic & Research Associate of IIM Ahmedabad. Follow his twitter handle @ankitatIIMA for China-Pak issues.

From Year 1 to Year 1700 AD, it is on official records that the Indian economy for 17 centuries produced more than 27% of the Global GDP on an average. Angus Maddison’s rich data on the World economy is a widely accepted literature in this regard. Even for the sake of correcting the record, it’s necessary to point out that it was the West wandering in search of treasure that it located India. Vasco-da-Gama trailed in the safety of a Gujarati sailor “Kanji”, whose fleet was headed by a three times larger Indian ship, escorting him from Africa towards India. The flow of migrants has reversed from the West to the East to now from the East to the West in the last 3 centuries. The table below explains the status of the Indian economy besides being the largest Consumer market of the World even today.

So, for an economy which was so rich as that of India till 1700 AD, whatever change has happened, has happened in the last 300 years. No wonder the Sun never set on the British as the darkness of a ‘third world country’ beset on India. While the baton of leadership passed on to the other side of the Atlantic in the last 100 years and in the hands of US from Britain, let’s see how the ‘Clash of the Titans’ unleashed on this World.

The story starts with the destruction of the Entrepreneurship based Hindu education system. During the British rule, the Hindu Temples based ‘Gurukul’ education system was resented by Lord Macaulay and more so because he couldn’t find a single beggar throughout the length and breadth of India. Lord Macaulay is the founder of the 20 years of Classroom system for 40 years of career which was imposed on all British colonies. Economists of the World ponder today as to why economies tank every 4th year, while it’s clear that the memory-based classroom system which has no clue of market realities for enterprising, converts entire society into perpetual jobbers. The irony lies in the fact that for 20 long years students are forced to focus on what they are not good at and the next 40 years the HR department searches what the guy is good at. This programmed killing of entrepreneurship by long investment of 20 years in classrooms is the root cause of economic collapses everywhere on the planet. Besides the enterprising focused Hindu education system of ancient India, the West can also take a clue from Hinduism of spending all temple donations for education in gurukuls set up within the temple campuses. This entire skill-based education was thus free of cost for the people. Perhaps, Christianity and Islam can learn to stop spending funds on conversion with this ancient India model of education and come out of the student loans’ mess the west has gotten into. These loans are at the root of “debt-based economy” structure which is fundamentally a wrong base for healthy economics.

The West bred the seeds of radicalisation by partitioning India on the lines of a religion. It entered into a long term negative intent partnership with Pakistan to curb India’s growth. The plan of the West was adopted uniformly across the region from funding and diplomacy to weapons and has resulted in the entire middle east becoming a permanent war zone, some jihadis of which came back to bite US on 9/11. The Islamic fascism is a danger for the democratic world. No Islamic country today can be pointed out working like a normal state and in the last few decades a huge chunk of crude oil wealth went into funding terrorism. The blanket theology of slicing the population into “believers and non-believers” and the punishment prescribed for non-believers is the root cause of chaos. Millions of muslims are being killed in the middle east by muslims by labelling them as non-believers or ‘not a real muslim’. Same is the story of the violence on non-muslims in the West by radical mobs and rioters. Islamic fascism is also supported by the Communists and left-leaning media which gives cover fire of “secularism” and “diversity” stories. Majority of the good muslims are helpless in front of the radicals. They are as inactive as the victims, meaning the victims will have no rescue or survival possibilities.

The Western powers in seeking to maintain the hegemony resorted to such naïve plans of radicalisation. The EU went a step further and idiotically let radical groups inside. Now the scenario is that the Left, liberals and radicals have joined hands in all democracies, to use democracies to end democracies. India recently introduced CAA law to save five communities (non-believers as per the radicals) facing persecution in Pakistan, Afghanistan & Bangladesh. And the left-liberal narrative is about Why the Muslims of these three countries also not allowed these benefits. And the ignorant West goes about with this narrative without applying a simple logic that how can a criminal be allowed to take shelter along with the victim who is saved from the very criminal in the first place.

Few cities in the US has passed anti-CAA resolutions condemning India. Several vested interest groups are known to have funded these moves. George Soros is a prominent name coming up in the online media, alleged to have given 500K dollars per city in the US to lobbyists to pass resolutions and condemn the Indian government. The communists are hands in glove with the Islamists in funding and orchestrating chaos on the streets, be it Paris, Berlin, London, New York, Sydney or Delhi. It’s unbelievable that the World still can’t figure out this common pattern.

How many Kashmirs (no-go zones) Europe has?

There are thousands of radical societies in the West where even police fear to enter. There is no secularism and diversity in a radical zone. Other communities cannot survive the barbaric behaviour of radicals running their own parallel governance and courts. Instead of standing strong with India on its de-radicalisation moves, the West is looking the other way. With this approach, a big civil war is knocking the doors of the West. The way Christian-Jew geography of Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Libya, Lebanon, Egypt, etc became Islamic, soon the West will pay heavily for its ignorant and by-stander attitude.

Will the western governments even save natives from the mobs?

Left leaning politicians want to flood the West with illegal vote banks inside. It would be no surprise if the vote banks demand demolition of the churches soon. Anti-national groups are known to have funded the BLM protests in US, ‘No Brexit’ protests in UK and CAA protests in India. The attempt for maintaining the prominence of the West in the World using radicalisation has backfired. The snakes have grown to bite the boss. Perhaps, India and Russia can wait for a while to take some more punches from the West. The immediate dangers for the democratic world are the Chinese communist party and Islamic extremists.

Will Democracies survive to see 2100 AD?

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Ankit Shah
Ankit Shah
Indo-Pacific Security & Foreign Policy Observer, Consultant, PhD scholar and Past Academic & Research Associate of IIM Ahmedabad. Follow his twitter handle @ankitatIIMA for China-Pak issues.
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