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Nearly 75,000 Jihadists enter the US, poses national security risks

According to NBC Chicago, the FBI has admitted that a known smuggler with Islamic State ties helped migrants enter US from Mexico

Exploring the erosion of impact in US sanctions on several countries

This article examines the reasons behind the erosion of the effectiveness of US sanctions and the challenges they face in achieving their desired outcomes.

Secrets of the Chinese Army

Unveiling some interesting and exclusive secrets of Chinese Army!

As Indian Army chief lands, Saudi-UAE say Modi-Bibi, Habibi

Believe it or not, Saudi-UAE could be one of the first countries in the World to declare Pakistan occupied Kashmir as India’s territory whenever Delhi attempts.

The last 300

For an economy which was so rich as that of India till 1700 AD, whatever change has happened, has happened in the last 300 years. No wonder the Sun never set on the British as the darkness of a ‘third world country’ beset on India.

Analysis of the US-China trade war: India would benefit

Indian exports are set to increase by 3.5% due to the trade war, according to the latest study by UNCTAD.

Trade War between US & China and why PM Modi’s moves make sense

The trade war between US and China is affecting the entire world's economy including weakening rupee value.

America remains largest arms dealer

India is at the top of the arms buyer country. India has purchased 12 per cent of the total weapons sold in the world.

US Nativism, Indian (Hindu) exclusions and entrapped H1bs

Its time, the discriminated bright Indian minds, find a new purpose in their motherland before it is too late.

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