US Nativism, Indian (Hindu) exclusions and entrapped H1bs

Understanding the mindset of the nativists. US nativists historically always feared the mass Indian immigration.

Remember, Indians in large numbers can be considered as an invasive species threat being extremely adaptable and having a strong culture with high re-productivity. Unchecked can outcompete the nativists and change the cultural ecosystem. Like it or not, this is always the under current below the layer of civilization and it manifests like the artificial backlogs for the trapped million Indians by the nativist enablers. When the back logged H1b folks from India go to the local Congressman about the crushing wait they have for green cards, the success ratio of congressman supporting them is dependent on whether he/she has this mindset of nativism or not. At every level, there is a hurdle of the nativists that needs to be crossed.Including sworn nativists at govt. institutions and influential lobbying groups.

Remember, it’s corporate greed that used the prevailing African slave system.But it is the nativists, that sustained them as slaves. History is repeating itself, in modern ways. Corporate greed is bringing in more H1bs and sustaining them with Indian job brokers. Nativism likes to keeps them as H1Bs with no proper rights and keep a gate check on them being added into the community.

Remember, Lala Lajpat Rai went back from US, after discrimination and made the best of his life after. So did, Gandhi from SA. They had food, clothing, shelter and above all they cherished liberty and found a purpose and value in their true country. Its time, the discriminated bright Indian minds, find a new purpose in their motherland before it is too late. Here is more research on the legacies of Indian (esp. Hindus) exclusionism by the non color nativists of America:

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