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Human rights

मानवता के लिए मानव होना…

मनुष्य जीवन सभी जीवित प्राणियों मे सौभाग्यशाली है क्योकीं प्रकृति ने हमें विशाल मन, विशाल बुद्धि, स्मृति नामक असीमित भंडारण दिया है जिसे हम उद्देश्य जानने के बाद भी अनदेखा कर देते हैं और इसे गंभीरता से नही लेते हैं।

A letter from myself in 2030

Why stuck in the past which is painful or reality hard to accept. Why not see what lies in the future and open the windows of imagination to receive a letter from the future

अपराधियों की स्वीकार्यता वाला समाज नहीं चाहिए तो……

आतंकवादी तो हमेशा से ही गरीब हेड मास्टर के बच्चे, प्रोफेसर, सिविल सर्विस एसपाईरेंट या सुरक्षा बलों से प्रताड़ित दबे, कुचले शांतिप्रिय वगैरह वगैरह होते रहे हैं।

Interpretation of human rights

The disempowering Triple Talaq and Article 370 have been abrogated. Article 370 was extremely discriminatory to the Kashmiri women and it has been rightly abrogated.

Human trafficking problem in India & the road ahead

In this article, we will analyze the scary situation in India and counters to it.

Coronavirus isn’t a threat to humanity; China is!

The champions of democracy are trying to make this world a China, where there can only be one voice, all other different voices, views and opinions would be suppressed denied or censored.

Why UN losing relevancy? R2P, resolutions & US factor

The primary goal of the UN is to maintain rationality among all the nations and global peace. However, in recent times, things have turned out to be messy.

The industry of human rights

Protecting human rights protection by violating somebody else's rights.

Is forced and tortuous confession not against human rights?

Unfortunately certain politico-religious organisations dictate what sin is and these definitions make people who have never harmed anybody in their lives believe they are guilty.

West Bengal on the top for acid attacks again

In spite of being the first place in the case of acid attacks, Bengal's record in the matter of giving justice and compensation to the victims in Bengal is quite bad.

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