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Coronavirus isn’t a threat to humanity; China is!

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Anant Chetan
Anant Chetan
An aficionado blogger and an engineer by profession. By qualifications, a Masters in Embedded System Design.

Last week I came up with two articles regarding Coronavirus outbreak, they both fall in the category that raises questions on the way the pandemic has been exaggerated and used by various groups for their own benefits. Both the articles were either not approved to be made visible or were removed from the various platforms I use to promote my blogs. What made me thinking about writing this one was the comments on the article before it was removed by the moderators. Quite surprisingly, none of the commenters came up with any reference/research/study or any sort of link to contradict my point of view, but they all were calling me delusional, nut job and many other things. They commented that the article must be removed from the platform.


You can have a look at the articles and decide yourself if they lack credibility:

The first one, compares the number of deaths caused by flu every year in various countries and also shows how the mortality rate is being abused in this case. The other one connects a few dots that clearly show how some groups/companies/countries have successfully used this outbreak to fix their financial troubles. Please have a look at the two articles and share any research/paper you find that contradicts these views of mine. And if you find any merit in them, please do share them because that’s the only option left to get more to people read about what mainstream media is hiding from them.

I am not disappointed at the comments calling me names, I am disappointed because these champions of democracy are trying to make this world a China, where there can only be one voice, all other different voices, views and opinions would be suppressed denied or censored.

This kind of behavior in fact is one of the biggest reasons why outbreaks like this have been originating from China for years now. A doctor in China had warned the world of this outbreak in 2019 but was covered up by the communist regime. If he was not censored the world would have either avoided this predicament or would have been better prepared. Not only this, the whistle-blowers in the beginning of this outbreak were censored, if they were allowed the freedom to voice their views, the world would have known about the outbreak earlier. By the time we came to know about the outbreak there were more than 5 million people had already flown out of Wuhan to various parts of the country. What happened after that, I don’t need to say. Do I?

The irony of the time is that the world is not even willing to question the Chinese narrative. China sensationalized the outbreak by putting millions of people in quarantine, if they would not have done so the rest of the world would not have paid any head to the outbreak.

One simple question, how come the virus from Wuhan reached countries like Italy, Spain, the UK, the USA etc but could create the similar kind of havoc in Beijing or Shanghai or any other Chinese state/city? How come the mortality rate in other parts of China (other than Wuhan) is exactly the same that the flu virus causes i.e. 0.7%? Is there any sort of verification for the numbers that Chinese authorities are laying out for the rest of the world to consume? Or do you think the virus is racist and it affects Europeans and Americans more than Chinese even with the exact same environmental conditions?

I simply don’t understand how the media houses and everyone else is simply buying anything and everything that China is selling. They said it came from the wet markets, and everyone just believed it. Why can’t it be a leak from the bio-safety lab in Wuhan? I am not saying that it is a bio-weapon, I am saying there could have been a human error (intentional or unintentional is another topic) in the research lab and the virus leaked outside. There have been instances in the past and in fact a leak in a bio-containment lab has already been classified to possess a potential to cause a pandemic. However, this  aspect was subtly covered up by calling the virus a bio-weapon. It is not a man made virus, it is a natural virus found in Bats. The human error issue never came up against the controversial bio-weapon theory. Mission accomplished!

The other question, which no body seems to be asking  seriously is “If China did it intentionally“. Back in 2003/04 when SARS outbreak happened, the Chinese Academy of Sciences had approved the construction of a BSL-4 laboratory before the outbreak, and the epidemic of SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) around the same time lent the necessary momentum to the project. It may again be a coincidence that China is now planning to open one new BSL 3 lab in each of its province and five new BSL 4 labs in the country.

What we know as a trade war is actually a race to be a global hub for research and innovation. China’s economy is not struggling because of the revised trade tariffs. It exports only 1% of its GDP and out of that exports only around 5%-6% to the US. However, it is falling because of the aging population. China is racing for high tech industries, research and innovation which increase the productivity by several folds so as to repay the humongous debt that it has accrued over the years, with its limited young workforce.

U.S. government fears that foreign nations, particularly China, are taking unfair advantage of federally funded research. The US has been distancing itself from the Chinese research programs. You can literally find a dozen of news reports where the Chinese researchers (or any research with established ties with China) are sent back and the institutes are going through tough scrutiny as in where the funds are coming from and going to, if any thing links up to China, it does not end well. White house has slashed the research funding. In 2018, the CDC  stopped funding epidemic prevention activities in 39 out of 49 countries, including China, after the Trump administration refused to reallocate money to a program that began as part of the government’s response to the Ebola outbreak in 2014.

Every other year there is one such Coronavirus related outbreak in China. The most recent was in 2016-17 where a quarter of world’s pigs died in a year because of swine acute diarrhea syndrome coronavirus (SADS-CoV). Before that it was MERS and before that it was SARS. By means of regular Coronavirus outbreaks, it becomes imperative for the researchers across the world to research in China. Million and million dollars are now raining for the Coronavirus research. I am not someone who is against Research and Development, but I am definitely confused in this case; is it “A research for the virus or a virus for the research!”

The sad truth is that instead of holding China accountable and penalizing it for this dictatorial means to achieve its goals, the different authorities/organizations/media houses in various Democracies across the world are using Coronavirus Pandemic as a tool to further their own selfish, self centered causes. Media houses already know that SARS-COV-2 is not that deadly, but they are still promoting it as one. For instance 32 million infections and at least 18,000 deaths so far this year because of the seasonal flu in the US alone. Compare it with the Covid numbers, I know you would already know the numbers. How does the comparison look like? Is a death from Covid-19 is more significant than a death because of seasonal flu? American media is using the pandemic as a tool to target Trump who will be facing an election later this year. The love and relationship American media and Trump share is not hidden from anyone.

Fear is one of the best motivators. You keep counting deaths, one after another and succeed in inciting enough fear that people stop thinking.

China has secured an upper hand in the research and innovation race going in the world. China is not a democracy and does not give a shit about its people, it used the entire population of Wuhan as “lab subjects”. Now, when the have done what they wanted to do, don’t scratch your head when China comes up and start saying, no new cases in the country and the patients are recovering, everything is fine as before, lets do business; buy from us anything and everything ranging from sanitizer, mask or vaccines to Drones, high tech robots, AI powered equipment along with the largest data-set to train your AI algorithms on. And mind it, these all have been duly tested on million of alive human test subjects in Wuhan. No other country would be able to come up with a data set consisting of stats of millions of human beings for research purposes. A clear win for China.

On the other hand, the countries that are inherently democratic have started paying the price for this exaggerated fear, think about the damage complete lock-down is going to do to India and Indian economy. I am just waiting for someone to question unemployment and falling economy in the coming months, and I will ask them if they raised questions when media created conditions where lock-downs started looking legit.

And above all, this time it was a virus that is flu like, what happens when China does something like this but the virus is actually deadly something like HIV or Ebola and is as contagious as a flu virus? If it remains like this, be prepared for the worst, it is yet to come.

Thanks for reading and stay healthy!

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Anant Chetan
Anant Chetan
An aficionado blogger and an engineer by profession. By qualifications, a Masters in Embedded System Design.
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