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Education revolution NEP 2020

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Author, Writer, Educationist. Counsellor, AOL faculty, Electrical Engineer

Nelson Mandela rightly said, “Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world”. The current system based on the Macauley’s principle actually damaged our old and best Ancient Gurukul system. The current education system was established 34 years ago. The tragedy of current education system is that it is neither entrepreneurship and job oriented nor focused on creativity and innovation, even no emphasis on life management skills training that is essential part of everyone’s life.

The fallouts which we are noticing owing to our current education system are rise in unemployment, Brain drain, lack of innovation and creativity among youngsters in comparison with youngsters of developed nations, not in synchronous with latest science and technology changes, less risk taking ability to start up new enterprise, decrease in confidence and hope about future resulting in mental health issues and suicide..

It was essential to make radical changes in our education system to bring a good life for our future generations and stand firmly in a competitive world to uplift economy, develop new technologies by innovative and creative ideas utilising talent and skills of our youths.

The process began to change current education system 3 years back and later on committee was formed under the chairmanship of Mr. K. Kasturirangan, ex chief of ISRO, around 2 lakh suggestions from different sections of society were discussed in detail to formulate the policy. The new beginning has commenced in our education system when it was announced and approved by Modi Government on 29th July 2020. How this new system is going to help our future generations? Let’s see…

  • New education system will focus more on experiential learning, skill development, knowledge enhancement, Sports integrated education, will develop creative and innovative ability. Ex. Vocational training from 6th class, 10 days bagless period and using some days of holidaying to improve knowledge and various skills to change the mindset and developing creative and innovative attitude.
  • Changes in higher studies aligned with industry, business or professional requirement in engineering, medical, law, etc. will help our students to develop themselves as job creators, will help them in seeking job easily, will generate huge numbers of innovators and creators to attract global investors and consumers.
  • Budget enhanced from 1.7% of GDP to 6 % of GDP on education to develop schools, colleges to international level and to match the prevailing market needs and overall development of a child. It will help to create “India a Global Knowledge Superpower”.
  • No board exams for 10th and 12th class, it will ease parents and children from unwarranted pressure causing many health issues and, in few cases, suicidal tendency or suicide. Children can focus more on competitive exam studies.
  • Local language also helps a country to grow culturally and economically. If we see top 20 nations in terms of GDP, we will notice that many nations give priority to their local language. This approach will definitely help us to achieve more economically and grow culturally concurrently using English as communication language on global platform.
  • Appointment of social worker and Counselor in each school will help in overall development and handling specific issues of a child. Life skill training will help in overall personality development.
  • Sanskrit language is again given prominence, which is vital culturally, scientifically and developing memory and intellect. Many universities across globe has started teaching Sanskrit owing to it’s benefits on memory and intellect…
  • There are numerous changes and benefits that we are going to see in future, can’t mention each one here, you can visit government website to see all the changes…

Let’s encourage our children/students/youngsters for their bright future. This change won’t take place in a day or two however it will be implemented gradually in coming months/years.

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Author, Writer, Educationist. Counsellor, AOL faculty, Electrical Engineer
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