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Education Policy

Foundation of India’s Future and Gen-Z

In the current generation, parents are becoming careless towards their children due to various reasons, but they are unaware that whatever they are doing with their children, they are also responsible for it.

Education without boundaries: The key to developed India

Some initiatives to develop human capital would take India to the helm of this world, and help us achieve our Amrit kaal 2047 objective - to become a global knowledge superpower.

Importance of education

Even if the country’s literacy rate has increased in recent years, more individuals need to be made aware of the importance of education.

NAS Survey 2021: Here is how it exposes the ‘Krantikari’ Education model of the Delhi government

NAS report 2021 was released by The Department of School Education and Literacy, Ministry of Education and it exposes Arvind Kejriwal model

Ruined in 67 years, revamped in 7 years

Seeing these facts and figures of educational infrastructure in India, one can see the ruined educational infrastructure due to neglected governance for 67 years has been revamped like never before in just 7 years.

Youth and nation building through National Education Policy

NEP should not be seen with political point of view that who will benefit if implemented in time with quality, it is the millions of our young generation that will reap the benefits out of it.

Need of resurgence of education from Macaulay’s Anglicism to Modi’s Hinduism

For the British rule in India to be permanent, it was necessary that the people of the country should forget the language of their country, their ancient glorious history, their traditions hence Macaulay started with the formula of lowering the self-esteem and sense of pride concomitant with the deterioration of the sense of nationalism in the countrymen.

National Education Policy 2020: Transforming India’s education system

Successful implementation of National Education Policy 2020 will surely transform India's education system and it will be a boon to the coming generation.

Introduce culture, agriculture and military training in the curricula

Inclusion of some new subjects, skill development programmes, agricultural training and military training may not be possible in the proposed school teaching structure. Therefore school teaching programme may be suitably extended.

नई शिक्षा नीति में मातृभाषा में प्राथमिक शिक्षा पर बल देने की बात है, क्या ये प्रयास सफल होगा?

मातृभाषा में शिक्षा का विचार सराहनीय तो है पर अभी ये एक स्वप्न बनकर ही रह जायेगा। थोड़े विचार से ही पता चल जायेगा कि क्यों प्राथमिक शिक्षा मातृभाषा में करने का प्रयास विफल होने वाला है।

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