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Foundation of India’s Future and Gen-Z

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Hemant Kumar
Hemant Kumar
Web and App developer, who likes to share thoughts.

“अति सर्वत्र वर्जयेत्” Ati sarvatra varjayet Excess of anything is bad.

Now in the 21st century where everything has become electronics, automated, technical. But in this technological era, we are getting many comforts, while the root cause of this is that India is not able to produce the right intelligence in India like before the 20th century. We all know, we had great philosophers, scientists, architects, political leaders and what not. But now this result is less because teenagers and youth who want to become idol for the society choose wrong or short cut way i.e. inheritance and bribery.

Now it comes to the foundation of every human being, as we all know that both society and family have great importance in the upbringing of every person. If a child is shown and explained like a child, then he grows up with the same nature. Nowadays, the society considers its child only as its own and considers others as different, as a result of which people complain to the parents instead of understanding the mistake of the child and the child should also understand this. Must be, all the elders of the society are like same as guardians for them.

In the current generation, parents are becoming careless towards their children due to various reasons, but they are unaware that whatever they are doing with their children, they are also responsible for it.

Computer literacy rate in India is lowest 4.4% in rural and around 8% in urban, and survey/research done by “NSSO” because of which Indian parents give phones to their kids but don’t know that What their kids use or check what their kids are consuming…etc.

A doctor “my friend”, when she saw a 2-2.5 year old child scrolling through YouTube shorts or Insta Reels (“not confirmed”), she was shocked, she sees, what the child likes He was watching, and would scroll through what he didn’t like. Seeing this, she understood that children see many more things than their experience and age.

Even many parents give cartoon phones to their babies to entice them while feeding, which is good at times because, in nuclear families there is no one to take care of except the parents. But this can lead to problems if every time parents give the phone to their children to keep them distracted so that they can complete their work. This spoils the habit of the children and when they do not get the phone, they get angry, and when the parent scolds them, they consider their parent as their enemy, and someone else can take advantage of this.

Parents should spend time with children, and try not to use electrical equipment like mobile, laptop, computer etc. in front of them until the child is 6.5 years old. Make a separate small room in which you can use these tools.

It has been found in the research that in the coming generation, the adolescent stage of children is coming early against the nature, menstruation in girls is coming in 10 years instead of 15-17, while the attraction of boys towards girls is also getting faster.

The credit for this is due to today’s environment, and the generosity of the parents, and the lack of technical awareness.

I suggest all of you please give phone or tablet to your kids and then install child mode in it, or give them a separate account which does not contain any kind of adult content. If you use Android OS, visit this link to know more about child mode in your phone or tablet or if you are an Apple user, then go to this link for more details ask from tech experts.

Now it comes to the responsibility of the society, as parents we watch movies and other content with our kids which contain abusive words, intimate scenes, kissing scenes, so we should be careful about what we are watching, That’s how small we think we are as parents. The child will understand, but he understands a lot, can he be sexually perverted by looking at them.

Bollywood and TV serials sexualise relationships and environment, Gen-Z always think and talk about sex, and pleasure, which is not natural, they find it shameful to be a virgin at 18, and a lot of nonsense things they do. Because they have made their ideals the wrong person, and they think that the freedom of the West in the sense of adult conversation, premarital sex, or underage sex is cool. The media industry used to do the same before, but before there was no social media, to spread to the root, but nowadays, 12 year old teenagers use Instagram with fake age, and they fake their age to visit adult sites.

Now comes to health of Teen, due to above factors :-

  • Teens are using mobiles long long hours, which leads to brain and eyes diseases. report – Screen time usage among preschoolers aged 2-6 in rural Western India: A cross-sectional study.
  • Social media created fake craze to be perfect. Due to which teens have false assumptions.
  • Decrease in physical Work among well todo families children’s, because poor don’t have mobiles and internet.
  • Teens wants to be adult soon, without enjoying childhood to enjoy adulthood.
  • children are acting on adult scenes like discussing marriage, abducting girl on proposal rejection..etc.
  • Parents encouraging these types of bullshit knowingly or unknowingly.
  • Parents and children have emotional and physical distance due to fake freedom, allow personal phones at young age, copying west …etc.

Now, I would like to conclude that as a researcher, I also have to use digital devices for long time, due to which tears comes from eyes, headaches, tiredness,…etc. But we are doing something useful, which can benefits to living beings, society.

Unfortunately, children, parents, society, media industries, government, everyone needs to thinks that where is the loop hole, which destroying childhood from children, and deviating them from good things, for just short duration pleasure. Everything’s comes with good and bad, its our responsibility that what we choose, this can’t be understood by youngster, so its our responsibility as society to guide them, what’s good for them.

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Hemant Kumar
Hemant Kumar
Web and App developer, who likes to share thoughts.
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