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Importance of education

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Human education is a critical instrument in their lives. It is a significant distinction between a civilized and an undisciplined individual. Even if the country’s literacy rate has increased in recent years, more individuals need to be made aware of the importance of education. Every child, whether a male or a girl, must attend school and not drop out.

Education is beneficial not just to the individual but also to society. A well-educated individual is a valuable asset to society, contributing to its social and economic development. Such a person is always willing to assist society and the country. It is true to say that education is a stairway to a person’s and a nation’s achievement.

Education makes a person productive, allowing him or her to contribute to society in a positive way. It teaches us how to face many challenges and conquer them. A well-educated individual understands how to act in a polite and non-offensive manner. It shows us how to live a disciplined life while still making a respectable living. Our future is built on the basis of education. Education is also the sole weapon that may be used to combat numerous issues such as illiteracy, poverty, unemployment, and so on. A person’s education makes them more sensitive to the predicament of their fellow beings. A well-educated individual not only comprehends the issues but also possesses the essential abilities to address them.

An educated individual possesses competent skills and is more capable than someone who is uneducated. However, it is incorrect to think that education alone ensures success. Indeed, success necessitates a solid education, as well as devotion, attention, and hard effort. An educated individual is more sensible and capable of rational thought.Education allows a person to become self-sufficient. An educated individual does not rely on others and is capable of meeting his or her own requirements. A well-educated person also educates their family, and education benefits, not just the individual but also society and the nation. Education has a significant influence on our outlook, making us more optimistic about life and its objectives.


India is a developing country, like many others in the world. With the second-largest population, it’s getting trapped into dangers of even more stringent captures of poverty and pressure. The way Indian Population is increasing is threatening, though there are initiatives to redeem India of such ailments, poverty still exists. Very evidently and sadly.

India claims to be a $3 trillion economy, but the gap between the poor and the rich is disturbing and true. There’s only one tool that can help the poor bridge the gap, that is education. Education can make anyone transform his/her life.

Similarly, for poor people education can change their lives, not immediately but gradually with time. They could get themselves employed and explore their potentials to make money and bridge the gap.

Well, it’s not just about money, but education would also give them a sense of being, and they might start identifying themselves with something more substantial than poverty. Education makes mobility within the hierarchy easier.


Education uplifts everyone who becomes a part of it. Your personality gets molded with your disciplines and thoughts. And attaining knowledge anyway makes you superior, capable and worthy. The poor could also find jobs, secure good positions in society and then fight the ailments that poverty always posed him with.

Though the Indian government is trying to make initiatives that all children have access to school and knowledge, the actual result of it is likely to take pretty much time.

There are still lacunae in how things are working. With the government, with the executioners, with the schools, the education system and very important- with people.

Education has to be made accessible to everyone and hence help the deprived class grow with its support. The reservation system in India has a very similar resonance with the same. The reservation favors the deprived more than the other candidates.

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