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Democratic Party and its dangerous game of Anti India Agenda – Part 1

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Author is a Researcher in Geo politics, current affairs, History and Law at Center for South Asian and Empirical Research.

Most of Indian Americans do not know the dark side of Democratic party and its agenda towards India since the past three decades. It is rather a sad state of affairs and disappointing to note that Democratic Party is nefariously Anti India in every perspective. As we look into matters pertaining the foreign policy on India by Bill Clinton Administration in his eight year rule is an eye opener for many. Certainly, the decade 1992-2000 was one of the most strained relations for India which it dealt with President Clinton. Thanks to visionary Prime Ministers like PV Narasimha Rao and AB Vajpayee for their continuous efforts to safeguard interests of India.

Clinton Administration endorsed Secessionists in India

An Article on Associated Press about Robin Raphael.
Robin Raphel appearing Senate Committee hearing

The Clinton Administration since assuming office in 1992 has implemented various disgusting and rather separatist measures to satisfy the secessionists in India. Bill Clinton on Dec 27th 1993 wrote a letter to U.S. Rep. Gary A. Condit (D-Ceres) that, “chronic tensions between the Indian government and Sikh militants” and the need to safeguard “Sikh rights” in Punjab State, where Sikhs make up 60% of the population. This had angered Indian Government and as well the people in Punjab. Although Punjab is peaceful today, the then Clinton administration’s continuous attempts endorsing Khalistani groups and as well comments on Kashmir had drawn a huge backlash from India. (In 1971, some Punjabi separatists on the behest of Pakistan demanded for a separate Republic for Punjabi called Khalistan). Not limited to this, but Vice President Al Gore in 1997 in his letter to Khalistan National council which is an extremist group labelled by India referred Punjab state as Khalistan. This proves the fact that Democratic party has chosen every opportunity and tried to meddle in India’s internal affairs by engaging with Khalistan groups.

Not limited to this, Clinton’s close aide and Assistant Secretary of State Robin Raphael openly stated that India’s Kashmir is a disputed land. In her statement, she mentioned that the US does not recognize Kashmir to be part of India. India’s relations with Clinton’s administration ran into a doldrums. It’s not limited to Robin Raphael but Madeleine Albright who served as Secretary of State wanted a Plebiscite in Kashmir which clearly suggests how Clinton’s administration has poked against India’s affairs. Everyone knew that Kashmir had witnessed a dangerous Genocide on Hindus which resulted in killing Hundreds and thousands of Kashmir Hindus and roughly Half a million Kashmiri Hindu Pandits had to mass exodus to other parts of India. Thus, Clinton administration selectively ignored the Genocide and sided with Pakistan in all ways.

Robin Raphael, a Thorn in the Flesh for India

As part of Robin Raphael’s advocacy on Pakistan and overriding Pressler’s amendment, the Clinton Administration in an effort to strengthen ties with Pakistan allowed the sale of 38 F-16 jets and lifted sanctions on Pakistan. The irony was, she mentioned this deal while at a news conference in New Delhi. In a well calibrated move, Strobe Talbott, US Deputy Secretary of State had briefed about the sale with Prime Minister Rao and if India refuses to heed the US, then the implications would be drastic and hurt the economy mostly through cuts envisioned in loans from the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. He also threatened to invoke Super 301 trade sanctions on India. In fact, Prime Minister Rao did a fantastic job and dealt with the US with a calculated drift. As per the confirmed sources , Pakistani lobbyist and the former Asst. Secretary of State Robin Raphael after her retirement and probed in 2014 by the FBI on the suspicion that she was a Pakistani asset, quietly made a comeback after investigators closed her case without filing any charges in 2016 and President Donald Trump got elected in the US. She is back to run the business of advocacy with Pakistan.

As we look into these details, Many Indian Americans may not heard about the insidious and conniving aspects of Democratic party on India, due to lack of media communications and as well, not many digital media in India during those days. It is imperative to re-calibrate the affinity towards Democratic party and how it impacts our motherland India. 

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Author is a Researcher in Geo politics, current affairs, History and Law at Center for South Asian and Empirical Research.

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