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Rise of a new era

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After the long ages of conflict, suffering and struggle the auspicious occasion for the inauguration of the famous Shri ram Janambhoomi temple has come. Modern generations will never know how much it cost to our ancestors, Karsevaks and the ones who have struggled for this since decades. Ayodhya judgement was not just a matter of jurisdiction but it was faith of billions of Hindus living across the globe. From our birth we’re told that the lord Rama was born in Ayodhya but it was ridiculous that there was still fight for the reconstruction of the temple because during the medieval period the temple was attacked by a Muslim invader who made a mosque after plundering.

Spark for the reconstruction suddenly started rising in 90s when BJP, a political branch of RSS led a movement and rathyatra throughout the country. Rambhakts and Karsevaks turned to Ayodhya in large numbers. The disputed building was demolished in 1992 through Karsewa by Ram bhakts many of them were killed and imprisoned. Hindu society should never forget their sacrifice and struggle. Finally on 9th of November 2019, a five sitting bench of judges in supreme court delivered it’s decision in favour of ram bhakts.

After centuries the issue has come on the verge. Ram bhakts are rejoicing over triumph, Dharma has won and the new era has begun.

~ Harshvardhan Singh

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