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Rahul Gandhi – A rising YouTuber

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Rohit Kumar
Rohit Kumar
Just next to me is Rohit. I'm obsessed of myself. A sociology graduate, keen in economics and fusion of politics.

There is a golden rule in marketing, ”Advertisement won’t work for a bad product.” Many a time it goes wrong, because every Salman Khan Movie is just about marketing strategy. But the golden rule seems working in case of  Rahul Gandhi. His advertiser has done too many experiment with him without desired result, still his advertiser is continuing. Yesterday, they made another experiment and people loved…. video editing. Even Camera Angle was fine but when every angle of Rahul Gandhi is so acute that any Camera-Angle will hardly work.

But by now, his advertiser should understand that any ‘packaging’ is not going to work. They tried ‘jenau-dhari’ version of him, but failed. They tried ‘Arvind-Kejriwal’ version of him, when Rahul Ji made sweeping false remark about Rafael-deal but after a point it didn’t work, especially when the Supreme Court gave verdict on it, as they say, ”once the fraud becomes work, but not always.”

They tried ‘journalist’ version on him, people found ‘comedy’ out of that. And this time, they gone on another level that some online working teacher went on crying. Dr. Mahipal Singh Rathore is a famous YouTuber who makes video on many subjects including History, Current Affairs, International Relation. So when Rahul Ji made an announcement about making video on same subjects he went on crying of the fear of losing his job.

Image may contain: text

As per his promise, Rahul Jee released a video of 3.39 minutes and in such a short video he managed to talk on multiple subjects, from China Border Conflict to Economy, to Un-Employment, to India’s relation with US, Russia, Japan and with neighboring country. Hardly anyone caver so many topic in a such a short video.

More than this, Rahul Jee’s analysis is completely different from any other analyst of the world. Pick up any analyst, he/she will told that China is doing this to manage it’s internal problem and to deflect the world from the debate that Covid-19 is a conspiracy of China, the pandemic originated there and China spread it to all over the world.

No analyst has suggested that it is downing economy and increasing unemployment in India which compelled China for igniting border dispute. Only Rahul Jee can do that, instead of this many analyst suggest that India’s building roads on border angst the China. Hope…. Analyst and International Relation expert can think from new angle after Rahul Jee released this video.

Advertiser has done a new experiment with Rahul Gnadhi. And this time, it’s about looking like a middle class angry man, who had been a victim of Indian National Congress.

If any sensible person would be advertiser of Rahul Jee, he/she would never portray him anything other than a ‘jaalidar-topi-dhari (skullcap)’. Because, he is not even Arvind Kejriwal level politician, who lead a national movement against corruption and later formed a political party and who can have various portrayal from ‘angry man’ to ‘hungry-man’ to ‘muffler-man’ to ‘jaalidaar-topidhari’ to ‘hanuman-bhakt’.

Other than this, Arvind Kejriwal has been an IIT-Student and IRS-Officer, which suggests that Arvind was fairly a good student. But Rahul Jee has evidently poor academic record.

Cambridge University confirms that Rahul Gandhi did his M.Phil ...
Rahul Gandhi’s legendary marksheet

Although he can take liberty of saying that he was a Children by then and his mother had not decided the certificate name of him, so academic performance should not matter for a children. As Cambridge University vice-chancellor had confirmed in a letter that Rahul was indeed awarded an M Phil in Development Studies in 1995 under the name of Raul Vinci.

New experiment by Raul Vinci Advertiser

Looks like Angry Young Man, who is ‘victim’ of Indian National Congress.

Why do I say him ‘victim’?

Born in fairly prosperous family, has un-intention-ed talent of stand-up comedy, was ‘forced to study’, just like every other middle class child. He can be an nonsensical comedian but situation is such that he has to become politician, again just like every other child.

Why did I say ‘forced to study’?

He got into Trinity’s, only on someone’s recommendation.. that’s fine. But after getting into, he didn’t cleared even minimum required marks in academic paper. Why would an ordinary Trinity fellow will fail in exam, if he/she really want to study.

His Intellect and His YouTube Channel

Check out his hair size just 8 days ago.

Image may contain: Rajesh Barnwal, sitting and text
Rahul Gandhi Before 8 days.
Image may contain: Rajesh Barnwal, close-up
Hair growth in 8 days

He started his YouTube Channel about 2 years ago and have 315K subscriber, but out of that only 50K viewed his last video, after 1 day of it’s release. And the most popular recent video is of condolence given to Indian Army. If he still chooses to walk other way, then it is nothing but his intellect is inversely proportional to his hair growth rate.

Perhaps doing stand-up comedy ‘intentionally’ would one of the next experiment by Raul Vinci Advertisers.

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Rohit Kumar
Rohit Kumar
Just next to me is Rohit. I'm obsessed of myself. A sociology graduate, keen in economics and fusion of politics.
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