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Open letter to liberals

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Dear Liberals,

I have observed that many of you while writing about black lives matter have juxtaposed that Muslim lives too matter. Let me start with the preamble that all lives matter. However comparing Muslim lives in India to black lives is like comparing apples and oranges.

Since most of you are from prestigious schools you would have read Uncle Tom’s cabin. The immigrant whites in United States brought the slaves in inhuman condition in ships from Africa. They were made to work in inhuman conditions in the cotton farms. Let us get historical facts correct. Muslims came to India as conquerors and invaders. They destroyed Hindu temples and architecture and there were mass conversions. They were the ruling classes for centuries till the British arrived. British were masters of divide and rule policy and governed us till independence.

Unfortunately at the time of independence the country was partitioned on grounds of religion. In spite of the partition being a bloody one our leaders ensured that India is a secular country and the constitution guarantees equality to all irrespective of religion or caste. While even in early sixties segregation was being practiced in southern states of USA. Hence comparing erstwhile ruling class with those who were slaves is blatant disinformation.

I regret to point out that I find it difficult to have a civilised discussion with you my friends. If my opinion differs from you I am branded as a bhakt which has become a derogatory word in your vocabulary.

I am appalled by the double standards of the liberals. Many think that statues of Columbus and even Winston Churchill should be brought down; but in Karnataka Tipu Jayanti should be celebrated. It is a fact that Tipu Sultan went on a rampage against the Coorgis & Melkote Iyengars. Liberals are up in arms against the renaming of some roads. I agree that renaming of roads does not serve any purpose.  However not to accept that some of the rulers were cruel and vicious is an ostrich attitude.

Even after independence our history books glorify only the Mughal Empire & architecture. Most students are unaware about the Hoysala and Chola architecture. In India major temples are managed by Government trusts. Have any mosques been taken over by the Government?

 I think the problem with liberals is that they think Muslims were fine till Congress/UPA governed the country and it has been downhill for the community since the present government took charge. There is no denying that there are some hot heads promoting aggressive Hindutva agenda. Hot heads are there in every community. When I ask for evidence about ill treatment of Muslims in India the discussion goes back to Gujarat riots. It was not the first riot in India, but since you hate one man the narrative does not change. Liberals have not even shed crocodile tears for the Kashmir Pandits who became refugees in their own country.

What is worrisome for the liberals is not that Muslims are in danger; but they have lost their power and sense of entitlement in the present scenario. For decades they had decided what lesser mortals should read and think. Most of us grew up unaware of our Hindu heritage as the history taught in schools was wishy washy about the Hindu civilisation.

Hindus today are more proud of their old civilisation and have found a voice without being apologetic to talk about it. That does not mean that the majority has started ill -treating the minority; barring a few hot heads. I sincerely hope this disinformation campaign is stopped and we ordinary Indians live in peace.

Yours sincerely,
Ordinary Indian

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