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Indian Muslims ashamed of Indian Identity

Murderous Afganistan, or prosperous Hindustan: A high time for Indian Muslims to choose their future

While Afghanistan is the modern world's hell, Pakistan would be the next one unless they stop killing Hindus, destroying their temples, and disrespecting their gods.

आख़िर कहाँ और कितना बाकी है हिंदू?

स्वयं चिंतन ,स्वयं संगठन , स्वयं क्रिया , स्वयं पुरुषार्थ , तथ्यों से आगे कर्मबोध तक जाना है अन्यथा हिंदुओं की लुटिया खुद हिंदुओं को ही समयचक्र में पुनः पुनः डूबना है ।

Stupidity with Manusmriti

For criticizing Hinduism, as a counter to the violent and xenophobic verses of the desert cult, people have even equated Manusmriti with Asmani Kitab.

Open letter to liberals

Many of you while writing about black lives matter have juxtaposed that Muslim lives too matter. However comparing Muslim lives in India to black lives is like comparing apples and oranges.

Muslim existence in secular India

Zafarul Islam khan, Chairman of Delhi minorities panel chief’s irresponsible statement on 28 Apr 2020 - implying an avalanche if and when Indian Muslims complain to ‘Arab world’ for perceived ‘persecution of Indian Muslims’ in India - amounts to blackmail, unacceptable to any self-respecting nation, and casts aspersions on law abiding, non-political Indian Muslims and damaged Hindu-Muslim harmony in secular India!

कमरे में हाथी है, क्या आपको दिख रहा है?

भारत का ही मुस्लिम क्यूँ देश के क़ानून, देश की आम जनता से अलग-थलग रहना चाहता है?

The real Kashmiri identity: What they want to protect is Islamiyat masquerading Kashmiriyat

Kashmiris are so desperate to protect their Islamic identity, whose true home is in distant lands of middle-east, that they are willing to sever bonds with their brethren who are made from the same soil, water and air as they are.

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