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Hindus today are Arjun of Kurukshetra, confused and without confidence. They should remember Shrimad Bhagwad Gita and fight for their rights

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Shrimad Bhagwad Gita is one of the holiest books for Hindus. It is a conversation between Bhagwan Shri Krishna and Arjun, where Bhagwan advices Arjun on how a man should deal with situations in his life as and when they occur, on the backdrop of the great war of Mahabharata, where cousins Kauravs and Pandavs fought for the kingdom.

The great warrior Arjun, who was the best archer on the entire earth, was confused before the war, about fighting against his own family elders, cousins, teacher, and other relatives. He had no heart to fight to this war, thinking about bloodshed, and the idea of killing his own family members, friends, and other relatives. He was thinking of the end result of the war which was he would lose by paying with his life, or if he wins, that victory would be over thousands of dead bodies of his near and dear ones. By indulging in such massacre, he would never be in peace, and enjoy his kingdom. That’s when Bhagwan Shri Krishna who was Arjun’s charioteer in the war, guided Arjun about his duty (dharma) to fight the war, even if the opponents were his family members, because he was fighting for his rights and for the truth. This conversation in the form of questions and answers, between Bhagwan Shri Krishna and Arjun is known as Shrimad Bhagwad Gita.

Hindus today are Arjun of Kurukshetra, who are similarly confused about their rights, in their own country. They are unwilling to fight against hegemony of Abrahamic religions. Instead of thinking that they’ll live in peace after this war, if they decide to take on them, they are shying away from it exactly like Arjun, thinking how I’ll fight my fellow countrymen, or even friends from the other religions? Won’t they be offended by my thoughts, and what I speak for the Hindu rights? Please don’t take the literal meaning of ‘war’ and ‘fight’. Asserting Hindu rights doesn’t mean that you have to go, and physically fight like Mahabharat war, and kill the people from the other side. Hindu scriptures teach us adaptability with the time, unlike Abrahamic scriptures. Today, we live in a rule of law, and therefore it is not permitted to kill anyone for whatever reason, except for self-defense. Even Quran mentions the war against infidels like Gita does against your adversaries. However, we Hindus, know that it doesn’t mean going and killing someone unlike Muslim terrorists, who believe that Quran is final word of Allah, and should be implemented literally, and that is why we see killings happening across the world, in the name of Allah.

We need to fight the war of misinformation unleashed against us, and at the same time, proactively fight against those, who insult us without any instigation, within the rule of law. Left liberals and Islamists have adapted one strategy very effectively, which is raising voice against any perceived insult in hoards, which forces law enforcement agencies to act. Why can’t we do the same? Our silence emboldens them. We need to confront them on every platform. While they can force entire world to go for Halal certifications, a FIR is lodged against bakery owner in Chennai, whose advertisement said that they don’t employ Muslim staff, or a complaint is filed against poor fruit vendors in Jharkhand, for merely putting saffron flags on their stalls? How that is even crime?

If this was not enough Islamists sitting in India, have started targeting Indian Hindus living abroad, particularly in the Gulf countries. Liberals like Harini Calmur declaring that she won’t buy anything from shops having saffron flags; alright that’s her choice, but at the same time she gleefully labels Hindus denying delivery from Muslim delivery boy as bigots? If you can exercise your choice, why can’t others exercise their choice? You have no rights to call other person a bigot when you do exactly the same. You will find such double standards all across the liberal space, however that is not the point of discussion here. Point is we have to give them back in their own language.

Whenever you see an insult hurled against the country, Hindus, gods, other religious symbols, immediately file a FIR, which should be a physical FIR. Currently there is a fad among right wingers to file online FIR sitting in from the comfort of your home. Remember our country is still not at that stage, where online FIRs would be taken seriously, and acted upon. Unless you sweat it out, and move out of your home, you can’t win this. Fight the battle in legal way. Inundate habitual offenders like Rana Ayyub, Kunal Kamra with FIRs across the country. Be united in your fight. We Indians, and more particularly Hindus, have an historical problem not being united, and being selfish for petty gains, and that is the reason, why Abrahamic religions spread in India. Even Arjun was being selfish looking at the prospects of killing his own clan, and thought of taking sanyas before the war, however Bhagwan Shri Krishna took him on a right path. Since there is no Bhagwan Shri Krishna around to guide us, we need to awake the Shri Krishna within us and fight this war.

Be like ISKCON, which has decided to file, and pursue a case against standup comedian Surleen Kaur and Shemaroo Entertainment for hurting sentiments of Shri Krishna bhakts. Another comedian Alokesh Sinha was forced to apologise for cracking jokes on Hanuman Chalisa. Sad part is those insulting Hindus and Hinduism are mostly Hindus themselves, who are hopelessly unaware of our cherished past. While it is important that one shouldn’t always live in past counting previous achievements, it is equally true that one shouldn’t also forget them. People who don’t learn from past mistakes are bound to be doomed. Don’t repeat the mistakes of your forefathers. Once you make this a habit, other side would be forced to be careful before uttering a single word against your religion and country.

(This article is written by Keshav, a media graduate who left journalism for an alternative career. Aviation entusiast. Indian, Marwari, Marathi- in that order.)

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