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Youth: Reflection of universe

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Author, Writer, Educationist. Counsellor, AOL faculty, Electrical Engineer

All over the world, many youths now a day are confused, stressed, frustrated, addicted on drugs, directionless, depressed, suffering anxiety, violent and nevertheless full of negative energies. You must have noticed these traits among different people in society. I am not stating that everyone has such problem but its commonly noticeable in today’s generation.

The question is,” Are they bad?” Don’t they have competence to live a good, eloquent and joyful life??
Answer to all such undesirable questions is big “NO”.

In USA a well-known university conducted a survey among successful students in various field to find out the causes behind their success. It was surprising to note that, whatever they have achieved academically (Doctor, Engineer, Lawyer, science graduate, Chartered accountants, MBA or any other degree…) contributed just 13% and the remaining 87% was “Life Management”.

This book is about how to manage domain skills and life skills. How to lead a successful balanced life. way to overcome depression, anxiety, suicidal tendencies, drug abuse, stress and create a joyful life.
As a counselor (Free of charge), seeing better results for above mentioned conditions, hence penned it down.

The theme and major topics covered in these books are: (English & Hindi)
“We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future” is the theme of this book, work on negative factors and convert it into positive factors….

As per study, Life skills are incredibly important, how to nurture them?
Important role of our education system, Parents and Teachers in shaping up the youth and channelize positive energy in them. How to strike balance between ancient Gurukul system and Modern education system….


Importance of spirituality in our life, how to balance materialistic life and Spiritual life?
Learn and work on Ego, Lust, Memory, Criticism, food habits in different situations and importance of Gratitude in life…

Ways to recognize and overcome depression, anxiety, suicidal tendencies and alcohol and drug abuse…
Learn about successful personalities and how to lead a successful life…
Book is available in English as well as Hindi version. Hindi version is: Yuva: Bramhand Ka Pratibimb

For more information visit: or contact

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Author, Writer, Educationist. Counsellor, AOL faculty, Electrical Engineer

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