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Real meaning of success

There is a big difference between growth, progress and success.

From drained, divided & destitute to an astute vision of the future: This is India @ 75

This is an era of renaissance and technology resurgence. With new vigour India might lead the world in every category, owing to the massive developments that are taking place today right before our eyes.

Youth: Reflection of universe

A self-help book for the betterment of today's youth!

Rising population and India @2020

The problem of population explosion in India is proving to be a big hindrance in the success of economic planning and development.

India in context of IMF slowdown expectations

2019 Lok sabha election results which is scheduled to be announced on 23rd May will play a key role in growth and development of country, as various economic reform steps were taken by government in previous tenure.

This is why I support Narendra Modi

These are the specific reasons why

Reforms 2.0- India’s subservience to the structural motifs of Modern Nation State is almost complete

The wide variegated set of reforms which are dotting India's Economy, affecting the Indian Society in turn, need to be observed carefully with poise.

Why India is well poised to be the next economic superpower

Why India could be the next superpower

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