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A writer/author by hobby and a former Indian Diplomat. I am 55 years and a Graduate in Political Science Honors from Sri Venkateswara College, Delhi University as also a Post Graduate in Sociology from Annamalai University. I am the Great Grandson of Late Mr. M.S. Purnalingam Pillai, BA, LT, Emeritus Professor of English, Bishop Heber College, Trichinopoly who authored 27 works in English including Madras University Papers on Shakespeare’s Plays, Songs and Sonnets from Shakespeare, Stories from Goldsmith, Socretes and Plato and Evolutional Ethics, Julius Caesar, Othello – with introduction and full notes, Digest of Roman Law, The Ten Tamil Saints, History of England, etc. and 16 works in Tamil including Surapadman, Avvai Kural, Seyyul Kovai, Viveka Vilakkam, Panniru Penmanigal, Kathai and Karpanai (Story & Dream), Navaraathri Lectures, Kamatchi, Tamil Essays or Sitrurais, etc. I am interested in writing on topics of varied interests and for the time being I keep Politics and Religion out of my purview. My recent book titled ‘Nature…Human Nature…Animal Instinct’ published by M/s BlueRoseONE Publishers is available in Print and e-Book formats in various Book Stores and in Online Platforms such as Amazon & Flipkart as also in Amazon global platform and various other global publishers. The habit of writing articles started way back from 1986 when write-ups were submitted for publication initially in ‘Monday Diary’ column of Indian Express Newspaper and then other National-level newspapers. Writing is my passion and as and when ideas come, I pour it out in black and white and feel contented when the same gets published. My innumerable blogs are available in subbiahsridhars.blogspot.com and myvoice.opindia.com. I wish to achieve a remarkable success in the field of writing and publication of various Articles, Write-ups and Books solely penned by me. Writing is my passion and my view is that if one has come to this world, one should contribute some good thoughts for the benefit of others. I love nature watching and in fact many of my articles find a mention about the behavior of various flora and fauna and revolve around the environment. I also keep thinking and writing about celestial bodies and their movement and try to write something about the mysteries surrounding them about which our knowledge is too meagre. My Website – https://www.mootnotmute.in My social media links are - Instagram Handle -- https://www.instagram.com/subbiah_sridhar/ Facebook Handle -- https://www.facebook.com/SubbiahSridhar Twitter Handle -- https://www.twitter.com/sridharsubbiah Linked-in -- www.linkedin.com/in/subbiah-sridhar-6a9929267 *****

Mandatory service to one’s motherland

For one to avail the benefits of Fundamental Rights one also needs to fulfil one's Fundamental Duties and that being so why not add one of the duties for a citizen to work for the nation first at least for five years before even thinking of moving for work abroad or migrating to a foreign land.

Gift of higher birth

It is said, after several centuries of documenting living things, scientists have only managed to document 14% of living species.

Real meaning of success

There is a big difference between growth, progress and success.

Multiple adulthood

It is said, after several centuries of documenting living things, scientists have only managed to document 14% of living species.

Boiling frog syndrome amidst emerging challenges

The Boiling Frog story is a metaphor for how people are usually slow to react to changes that occur gradually.

Mystery of life & immortal soul

How life emerged and is it coming even in the absence of sperm is a matter which we may ponder over. Similarly, very less is known about the Immortal Soul.

Power behind creations

The power behind every life, be it flora or fauna, is never pondered over in our so-called busy life. Busy-ness of a being is all but temporary feature and one should devote time to such creation of Nature and one should always remain ever grateful to one's own body organs which are functioning day and night like one's own servants. That is not good at all. One should devote time and attention to them.

Shopkeepers turning Customers

Nowadays, Online purchase has become a fashion statement and even buying vegetables and grocery items are not left. Corona pandemic period has added to this new found phenomenon to some extent.

Mall(s) needs to take a call

Often it is found that there are huge rush in the Malls across the country and people can be seen enjoying the free facilities available in the Malls with rarely some carrying bags having purchased some articles. Majority of the visitors are seen just roaming around without even spending a single Rupee and just picnicking in the Malls particularly in weekends, festival days and other kind of celebrations.

Grand Prix after traffic signals?

Once the traffic signal is Green, vehicles rush as if its a race of Grand Prix. People behave crazy, they will wait for long during red lights but once the signal becomes green, a sort of monster enters the mind of many.

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