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I am six feet tall and well built. Interested in development of society and always write on topics of general interest and welfare. I stay away from politics or religious matters. Just a free lance writer on matters of general public welfare. Regular contributor to My Gov portal. Many of my Articles regularly appear in Dwarka City publication every week. Writing just for hobby, not for any pecuniary benefit.

Mystery of life & immortal soul

How life emerged and is it coming even in the absence of sperm is a matter which we may ponder over. Similarly, very less is known about the Immortal Soul.

Power behind creations

The power behind every life, be it flora or fauna, is never pondered over in our so-called busy life. Busy-ness of a being is all but temporary feature and one should devote time to such creation of Nature and one should always remain ever grateful to one's own body organs which are functioning day and night like one's own servants. That is not good at all. One should devote time and attention to them.

Shopkeepers turning Customers

Nowadays, Online purchase has become a fashion statement and even buying vegetables and grocery items are not left. Corona pandemic period has added to this new found phenomenon to some extent.

Mall(s) needs to take a call

Often it is found that there are huge rush in the Malls across the country and people can be seen enjoying the free facilities available in the Malls with rarely some carrying bags having purchased some articles. Majority of the visitors are seen just roaming around without even spending a single Rupee and just picnicking in the Malls particularly in weekends, festival days and other kind of celebrations.

Grand Prix after traffic signals?

Once the traffic signal is Green, vehicles rush as if its a race of Grand Prix. People behave crazy, they will wait for long during red lights but once the signal becomes green, a sort of monster enters the mind of many.

Comedy vs. reality

The various comedy serials and social media comedy strips are very disgusting particularly the sounds they make and are irritating to hear when a person is stressed out and is busy making both ends meet. Such comedy strips hardly serve any purpose in this real world.

Need for maintaining one’s vehicle like oneself

Many a times traffic jam is caused on roads owing to one or the other vehicles going awry. There is a need to maintain one's vehicle by going to Workshop just like one maintains oneself by going to Salon, parlour, etc.

Innovative ideas from Mother Nature

In-depth study of Nature might have been done for inventing new machines and appliances, the science of which is now called by the name of 'Biomimicry' or 'Biomimetics'.

VIP vs. mutual agreement on road

Often we feel that in case of accidents to motor vehicles, particularly in case of minor accidents on road, Insurance Policy hardly comes to help and it is most of the time settled between parties on mutual agreement basis and at that time we just feel as to what is the purpose of making Motor Vehicle Insurance even.

Engineering, coaching institute and tutors business

Engineering and other higher studies are adding on to the pressure among the students. At the same time, it is increasing business to the various coaching institutes and tutors, be it group tuition or home tuition.

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