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This is why I support Narendra Modi

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Let me start with the word “communal“. This is the most repeated word for Modi (or, for that matter BJP). As of 2012 data, in terms of number of riots occurred per 100,000 people, Gujarat was ranked 23 out of the total 35 states and union territories, which is way lower than other sates. There have been countless riot incidents post independence, but Gujarat was the only state to setup a court to investigate the Godhra riot. Modi is not communal.

Now, let’s talk about some constructive things- Development on all fronts, decision making ability and intent of the government. Why have we become so blind to the facts and so biased in our arguments? Why have the intellectuals become so hypocritical? Why the liberals have become so selective? And, why the common people are not common these days?

Good work/intent by any leader irrespective of any party should be praised and at the same time as a citizen we have all the rights to question and debate any move by the government.

Both should go hand in hand, no doubt in that. But all my intellect stops and forces me to ponder on the selective amnesia of some people who continuously try to spread the falsehood and make totally fake interpretation of things.

Why they do so? We may have some alignment with a party, and the party workers are forced to take the side of their alignment, but what about those common people who are intentionally being biased towards a party or a person? Why are they doing so? It bothers me. It forces me to think, express and let the people know that the common people cannot and should not be biased. We have to open both eyes, widened and pointed towards every situation. This selective amnesia has to be cured.

  • How can I not support Jan dhan yojna through which more than 20 crore bank accounts have been opened till date?
  • How can I not support Swachh Bharat Abhiyan which created a widespread awareness among people of this country to make India a better place to live?
  • How can I not support Ujjawala scheme which helped millions of poor by providing Gas Cylinders?
  • How can I not support “Make in India” , “Digital India” , and “Skill India” initiative primarily focusing on job creation and creating better opportunities for the youth of this country?
  • How can I not support the efforts made to strengthen the foreign relations and bring in more opportunities?
  • How can I not support the settlement of the Indo-Bangladesh border issue?

Having said all this, let’s face the reality, let’s observe the developments of his regime. Let’s not forget we are judging him for just 3 years. He does not have any magic wind which can turn around things overnight. A country with a population of 1.25 billion people already has so many tangled rules, regulations and processes which cannot be untangled in such a short span.

There is a man called Modi who is trying to change the thinking of this country. Why we don’t have Facebook, Google, Apple like companies in our country? Why we only dream to work in such companies and not to create one? Why most of us prefer foreign countries for studies? There is a void within us, a void which has to be filled. It has to be filled with a purpose, a thinking to do something for this country, to break the stereotype and  Innovate our mentality. Above all- too work hard, and think big. There is no free lunch in life. We have to work hard for the collective betterment.

This man has sacrificed so much for this country and this man is trying hard to fill this void with blooming ideas. Whatever he had, his family, his home- he left it for this country.  He deserves support, not the biased views. He changed the political discourse of this country, and I am with him.
I will support Modi. I will support all the moves which are for the benefit of this nation. It would be so disingenuous to appear neutral and to portray my thoughts in a biased manner.

No, I am not a right wing fanatic. I am an Indian, I am a Hindu, I am a common man striving for development. Development for all.

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