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The third way

What are BJP's economic policies based on? Who are they getting their advice from? How is it different from the Congress’? Why is it different from the Congress’? What is the ambition? What do they want to accomplish?

Manmohan Singh: the superhero who wasn’t

IMF dictated India's economy and FM- MMS was just a puppet in the hands of IMF. Interestingly, a lot many conditionalities related to IMF loan was not disclosed to the public.

Aatma Nirbhar Bharat- Vision 2020

Coming months are expected to witness further, the various decisions and measures taken by the Union Government to take the country out of the Covid-19 pandemic, rise to the occasion and become a superpower with the level playing field provided by these conditions.

20 lakh crores package: Freebies or growth oriented?

About 20 lakh crores package, the stimulus declared is 10% of our GDP, highest in the history. It is going to touch every individual directly or indirectly.

आत्मनिर्भर भारत पैकेज का पांचवां और अंतिम भाग: शिक्षा, स्वास्थ्य और व्यापर सुगमता को समर्पित

पैकेज के पांचवें और अंतिम भाग में ग्रामीण रोजगार, स्वास्थ्य, शिक्षा, व्यापर सुगमता और राज्यों को साथ लेकर चलने से सम्बंधित सुधार प्रस्तुत किये गए।

आत्मनिर्भर भारत अभियान की सबसे महत्वपूर्ण आवश्यकता: पैकेज का तीसरा भाग, कृषि एवं सम्बद्ध क्षेत्र का विकास

आत्मनिर्भर भारत का स्वप्न तब तक साकार नहीं हो सकता जब तक कि भारत के गाँव और कृषि व्यवस्था सुदृढ़ नहीं होती। इसी आवश्यकता को ध्यान में रखते हुए आत्मनिर्भर भारत पैकेज में कृषि एवं सम्बद्ध गतिविधियों के लिए एक बड़ा हिस्सा समर्पित किया गया है।

20 लाख करोड़ रुपये के पैकेज का दूसरा भाग

इस पैकेज का दूसरा भाग 14 मई को जनता के सामने लाया गया जो मुख्यतः कृषकों, प्रवासी मजदूरों और रेहड़ी-ठेला लगाने जैसा व्यापार करने वालों पर आधारित है।

20 लाख करोड़ रुपये के आर्थिक पैकेज पूरा गणित।

यह आर्थिक पैकेज इस प्रकार से डिज़ाइन किया गया है कि तात्कालिक रूप से यह कोरोना वायरस के संकट से लड़ने का प्रयास करेगा और दीर्घकालिक समयावधि में भारत के आत्मनिर्भर बनने और विश्व में अग्रणी स्थान अर्जित करने का मार्ग प्रशस्त करेगा।

NPA- The truth

PM Modi is known for working in adversities and a man of action. He has decided to take this as challenge and started working with then FM Late Shri Arun Jaitely.

The inconvenient truth of China-centric globalization

China is a brilliant case study to illustrate how globalization can change the fortune of a nation and how overwhelming economic dependence on a nation can increase the vulnerability of the rest. Today, any disruption in China can disrupt the global economy.

Latest News

The curious case of Shah Faesal

Shah Faesal, is a UPSC civil services topper and a staunch campaigner of Pakistan sponsored "Kashmiriyat" and vocal anti-Indian.

Covid opens up urban development challenge, how we respond to it, is up to us

This is the time when we should start focusing on creating employment opportunities in tier 3 and tier 4 cities and even in rural areas, so people can find the employment near their homes and don’t need to migrate to metros in search of employment.

Job data; faster PM Narendra Modi acts on it, the better: It should also capture migrants’ data

Transparency and availability of data was a big hallmark of Narendra Modi 1.0 government, with various information available on dashboard and a click of a button, similarly this would be a game changing achievement for Narendra Modi 2.0.

Law against fake news is need of the hour: Media can’t hide anymore behind the freedom of speech

Article 19.1.a b which deals with freedom of speech and expression is universally applicable to all the citizens, including journalists. There is no special provision under the constitution for freedom of speech to the media.

Why Ram Mandir

generation or two, Bharatiyas have resisted, sacrificed and survived one invasion after another. The reclaiming of this ancient site and building a grand temple is a civilization accepting the challenge of the competing invasive cultures and declaring in one voice that we are here to stay.

Recently Popular

सामाजिक भेदभाव: कारण और निवारण

भारत में व्याप्त सामाजिक असामानता केवल एक वर्ग विशेष के साथ जिसे कि दलित कहा जाता है के साथ ही व्यापक रूप से प्रभावी है परंतु आर्थिक असमानता को केवल दलितों में ही व्याप्त नहीं माना जा सकता।

The story of Lord Jagannath and Krishna’s heart

But do we really know the significance of this temple and the story behind the incomplete idols of Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra and Maa Shubhadra?

Avrodh: the web-series that looks more realistic and closer to the truth!

The web-series isn't about the one Major who lead the attack, its actually about the strike and the events that lead to it, Major was a part of a big picture like others who fought alongside him, the snipers, the national security advisor so on and so forth.

Two nation theory after independence

Two Nation Theory was the basis of partition of India. Partition was accepted based on the assumption that the Muslims staying back in India because they rejected the Two Nation theory. However, later decades proved that Two Nation Theory is not only subscribed by a large section of Indian Muslims but also being nourished by the appeasement politics.

Striking similarities between the death of Parveen Babi and Sushant Singh Rajput: A mere co-incidence or well planned murders?

Together Rhea and Bhatt’s media statements subtly and cleverly project Sushant as some kind of a nut job like Parveen Babi, another Bhatt conjuring.