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Beyond monetary policy: Crafting resilient economies amid supply-driven inflation

Over the past few months, in light of subsiding inflation, both the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and the Federal Reserve (Fed) made the strategic decision to hit pause on/reduce the frequency of rate hikes.

The case for demonetizing Rs. 2000 notes in India today: A step towards a transparent economy

In this opinion article, we explore the potential benefits of demonetizing Rs. 2000 notes in India today.

Performance of Indian economy- Awesome!

India will not be affected by the problems in American and European banks. Because no major impact has not been on the Indian financial sector due to the ongoing banking crisis in the US and Europe.

The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank: Can the same happen with banks in India?

Collapse of SVB was a big deal because it raised questions about the safety of other banks and made people worried about their money in the bank.

Adani Group’s economic expansion vs. India’s green future: The Hindenburg Report sparks a heated debate

This article will examine the claims made by BJP on Adani group & provide a rebuttal to the opposition's allegations.

Global 20 (G20) Presidency: A summit of India’s aspirations       

Opportunities bring challenges and India as a nation will have to collectively conquer the challenges to make the way for future and global fortune.

China’s Century?

“China’s Century” is a neologism that has become increasingly pertinent in the past few decades, with the Global Language Monitor finding that the “Rise of China” was a news story whose popularity eclipsed 9/11, the Iraq War, the election of Obama, and even the British Royal Wedding (!).

Are tombs the symbols for modern India?

Why do foreigners have understood Humayun Tomb and Taj Mahal to be India’s glorious monuments and why not Hampi or Single rock-cut temple of Kailashnatha?

Private institutional investments key to 2030 energy goals: Experts at UN’s Ministerial forums on Energy

At stake is whether the world will meet Sustainable Development Goal 7, which aims to ensure access to affordable and clean energy for all by 2030.

Stock market- Economy conundrum

Why NIFTY and SENSEX are touching their all-time high while the economy is contracting quarter after quarter?

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