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Report Card of Modi Government: An objective mid-term review

Government has taken concrete steps to improve areas like Infrastructure Development, Sanitation, Electrification and Financial Inclusion. While social sectors like Education, Healthcare and Environment seem to be overlooked.

Why I lost faith in Indian media and Indian journalism

In my younger days, I used to be fascinated with the field of journalism. It seemed like a very noble profession.

How the Congress-Media nexus is hurting India’s prospects

Indian media is playing into the hands of the Congress

Why India is well poised to be the next economic superpower

Why India could be the next superpower

Why we need more ministers like Jayant Sinha and Piyush Goyal to push the reforms agenda

Jayant Sinha and Piyush Goyal share a commonality which provided them an access to political circles.

Review of Economic Policy of Modi’s Government

Are "big bang" reforms happening? Is the economy on right path? A take on Modi govt's record till now.

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