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Who killed Sushant?

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On 14th June, actor Sushant Singh passed away. The actor’s debut film was “Kai Po Che” which was a hit on box office. The actor played a lead role in biopic of cricketer MS Dhoni and the movie was a hit. The actor had also worked in movies like Kedarnath, PK, Chicchore, Raabta. His movie “Dil Bechara” is yet to be released.

The actor was found hanging at his Mumbai residence. Police indicate that the actor committed suicide and the case is under investigation. But fans of SSR aren’t able to accept that the actor committed suicide. There are news of actor being in depression since past few months. There are stories that the actor was depressed because he had lost many films in past 6 months and was banned from many big production houses due to which he took such a big step.

According to an Instagram page “Justice_for_sushi”, the claim is that the actor was probably murdered. The page also pointed some facts about the probability of murder. According to the page, the picture of Sushant’s dead body, which was circulated on social media had injuries on his head and arms. Also, the owner of the page who claims to be a lawyer claimed that the signs after suicide don’t match with the picture of the body of SSR. According to the page, the marks on Sushant’s neck are of sharp object while the police indicated hanging suicide by curtain or bedsheet. He also claimed that Sushant’s eyes were normal and tongue was also not protruded like in most of the suicide cases of hanging.

Many accounts on Instagram and twitter have started the hastag #ArrestmurdererofSushant. Another account claimed that the actor had no financial crisis and was going to shoot a movie “emergnce”. Fans are demanding CBI inquiry of the case. According to a Bollywood journalist, the actor had found 3 companies recently out of which 2 had Sushant, Rhea Chakraborty as director along with her brother. These facts are making hard for fans to believe that the actor killed himself.

The Mumbai police has already registered a case under professional rivalry and is investigating. Initially his suicide was linked with bullying and nepotism. Rhea has been already interrogated in this case.

I am not a fan of Sushant Singh Rajput. I haven’t watched all of his movies but I am shocked and still not over with the news of his demise. He was very young and talented actor and was interested in Space and physics. May his soul finds peace and may God give strength to his Family, friends and Fans. You will always remain in our heart Sushant.

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