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Rhea Chakraborty

Powerless and insignificant tech savvy fans!

If the laws, rules and regulations are same for the people of the industry and the rest of India, then who is responsible for carving out a different set of rules for the popular celebrities in the industry?

Creation of Misogynistic “Timmaurh Khana” in Sushant Singh Rajput Case

While commenting on the debate of misogyny, who are to the real blame, the parochial political agenda? The patriarchal media trial? The outburst on “Timaurh-Khana? Or many more women either pitted or to be pitted against one another?

नॉटी मत बोलना, भैयाजी

पुरुषवादी सोच वाले मीडिया चैनलों, जनता और तीन तीन सरकारी जांच एजेंसियों ने मिलकर एक निर्दोष अभिनेत्री को ड्रग्स के आरोपों में जेल में डलवा दिया।

ये दर्द काहे खत्म नही होता, बे

बुद्धिजीवि पत्रकार, प्रोफेसर, बिन्दी झोला ब्रिगेड, सर्पनगरी बॉलीवुड के शेषनाग इत्यादि लोग ऐसे तर्क प्रस्तुत करते है, जो हमारी सूक्ष्म सोच पर वज्र सा प्रहार करते है, मस्तिष्क सुन्न हो जाता है।

Who killed Sushant?

Initially his suicide was linked with bullying and nepotism. Rhea has been already interrogated in this case. The Mumbai police has already registered a case under professional rivalry and is investigating.

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