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Striking similarities between the death of Parveen Babi and Sushant Singh Rajput: A mere co-incidence or well planned murders?

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Disha Salian, Sushant Singh Rajput’s manager died barely a week before Sushant Singh Rajput. Her falling off the 14th floor during a party also goes undisputed by all news reports as ‘depression induced suicide.’

What’s common between Disha and Sushant?

Rhea Chakravarty.

Disha was representing both Sushant and Rhea. Rhea and Disha also might have spoken on the phone just before Disha died.

Notice how Sushant’s death was released to the media immediately as depression induced suicide (even before investigation began) but Rhea is still addressed by most media as ‘rumoured girlfriend.’ Much of this same media concurrently highlights Sushant’s depression.

Only when the propaganda is ignored does it become evident Sushant and Rhea were supposedly engaged, planning to marry later this year, co-owned a company and possibly property together. She was not just a friend.

Her family was actively involved in Sushant’s life, and she was living with him till three days before his death and she was also the last one Sushant called.

It is also no longer hidden that she was also Mahesh Bhatt’s ‘Muse’. Together Rhea and Bhatt’s media statements subtly and cleverly project Sushant as some kind of a nut job like Parveen Babi, another Bhatt conjuring.

According to Rhea Sushant heard voices, suggestion of schizophrenia maybe, the way Parveen Babi did, who Bhatt and the media had successfully labelled as clinically paranoid.

Between the two of them a strong image of Sushant’s deteriorating mental health, supportive girlfriend of unstable man is created. Bhatt states that on his advice Rhea finally moved out because Sushant stopped taking his medication and was psychologically circling the drain.

She deletes all his pictures from her Instagram account three days before his death. And disables comments the day he dies. Almost as if to wipe out the data trail of their relationship. Interestingly Sushant’s family does not invite her for the funeral.

Some suspiciously ‘deleted’ tweets from his account again makes an attempt to indicate suicide, and before any investigation has even begun all news reports address the death as suicide.

But it is no longer hidden that the cctv cameras were disabled the night before Sushant died. And though the Mumbai police threatened punishment to those who circulated pictures of his corpse, social media is not only pernicious its a great leveller.

Besides forensic and mental health professionals logic is pointing out that he was not throwing in the towel. He was financially stable, had projects at hand, wasn’t in debt, had partied the night before and was in good humour till even a couple of hours before death.

The marks on his neck, the position of his body and facial signs in his leaked post mortem pictures tell all. It clearly and logically points to garrotting as cause of death, possibly with his hands and legs restrained.

In all likelihood, if it were a murder, the assassin was professional. Does this presumed murderer still have Sushant’s duplicate key because it is missing. Just a few days ago Manmeet Grewal from Sushant’s acting fraternity died at home in a similar ‘depression induced suicide’, even as those close to him call him a ‘jolly’ person. Probably the same person killed Disha too.

Like serial killing, there is a pattern to these deaths. Depression induced suicide.

Now even if half of all these conjectures are true then Rhea and Bhatt are lying about the ‘mental health issue’. Therefore the breakup couldn’t have happened because he wasn’t taking his medication. She could have given a thousand other credible reasons for the breakup, incompatibility, lover’s tiff etc. But no, their script faithfully follows ‘mental health.’

So if the artist and his Muse are lying, the question is why did she really move out? And is the artist using the Muse or is the Muse using the artist?

When the suicide alibi is debunked, only the modus operandi and motive for murder needs to be ascertained.

The three most common motives for murder since time immemorial still remains true.

– [ ] crime passionel. Crimes of passion motivated by lust, revenge etc. Mahesh Bhatt would know more.
– [ ] Money. Rhea would know, the boycott cabal would know. Sushant’s manager Disha would have known.
– [ ] Blackmail. There may or may not be a link between the series of purported suicides before Sushant’s death, but they need close scrutiny. For in shark infested Bollywood Sushant was clearly swimming in a dark netherworld.

The Bollywood mafia is now between a rock and a hard place. If they try to sell the ‘suicide’ narrative they get called out as nepotistic abettors. The murder verdict is worse, because then they are caught red-handed.

But since the lies came from the Bollywood mafia the truth also lies with them. The media, the police, Sushant’s household staff, Rhea and Mahesh are where the lies originated.

More and more the Bollywood mafia is looking like cake eating Marie Antoinette who had distanced herself from bread eating ‘small’ folk. More and more she looks guillotine ready.

As social media storms the Bollywood Bastille how long will Mumbai police skirt the truth? Yesterday Rhea was interrogated for 9 hours. Today they are knocking on YRF’s door. What deals are being cut?

Which way will the dice fall? The plot thickens. The game is afoot.

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